The Best Unicorn Piggy Banks (For Kids And Adults To Save Money)

The best unicorn piggy bank for kids and adults to save money in style
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If you’ve been looking for a unicorn piggy bank to help you get into saving or want some inspiration to add a little bit of magic to your next gift, this list is for you. Unicorn coin banks are a great gift idea for children and adults because they are fun, adorable, and, most importantly, they actually work!

We know the importance of saving money. We also know that it’s not easy to do as there are so many tempting things to buy. But with the right attitude towards savings (and money) and a bit of encouragement from your magical friend, maybe you’ll loosen up on spending and have more of that green stuff in the bank.

The fun of watching your savings grow over time in your unicorn bank can help you abandon those bad money habits that have kept you away from saving in the past. Plus, you can use the bank over and over again. You can even pass it down from generation to generation!

As for kids, having their favorite animal-themed piggy bank will help them learn to appreciate the value of money and save up for the things they want while discouraging spending on things they don’t need. They can also learn how to manage their own finances without mommy or daddy’s help, developing a sense of responsibility and independence.

The Best Unicorn Piggy Banks

The unique, fun unicorn piggy banks from this list can inspire and motivate savers of all ages.

Adults will have a simple way to save up for special occasions or vacations and enjoy it as an accessory that fits perfectly into their modern home decor! And kids can start saving their pennies in style while learning valuable lessons about saving, spending, sharing, and investing with the long-lasting keepsake.

If you love unicorns as much as we do, there’s no better way to store loose change than using a unicorn coin bank. These banks also make perfect gifts for kids, teens, and adults. You can choose from a decent range of styles and designs that will delight any unicorn fan on this list below.

Sidenote: Make sure you read this post till the end so you can explore many other types of piggy banks as well.

1. Pink Unicorn Piggy Bank For Girls

The unicorn is a mythical creature that has inspired artists, writers, and filmmakers for hundreds of years. Now you can bring a bit of magic into your home with this pink unicorn piggy bank.

This unicorn features charming sleep eyes, a cute smile, and lovely details (the rose-gold horn, white mane, tiny tail, and angelic wings). It’s small enough for a young child to carry around and heavy enough to feel like real money (if she decides to take this cutie wherever she goes). This money-saving coin bank is a perfect gift for any girl who wants to start her financial future with her own magical unicorn.

2. Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank

Whether you’re saving for a summer trip or just want to save the change for an emergency fund, this wooden unicorn piggy bank with transparent sides will make your money grow magically.

Watching your coins pile up will remind you why it’s worth saving and let you save with satisfaction. This charming handpainted piggy bank will also make a sweet housewarming or holiday gift.

3. Baby Aspen Unicorn Piggy Bank

This unicorn piggy bank from Baby Aspen is guaranteed to make a big impression at your next baby shower. Cute and whimsical, this lovely piggy bank is a unique and modern money-saving solution for aspiring savers.

It is also a stunning addition to any nursery or little girl’s room, adorned with a golden horn, a colorful mane, and blushing cheeks. This white ceramic bank will mature with your child and provide years of enjoyment as a special keepsake. You can get her here on Amazon!

4. Large Unicorn Piggy Bank For Girls

When you’re looking for something special for your little girl, this beautiful unicorn piggy bank is a perfect choice. The unicorn’s ears are perked up with its eyes closed, giving it an adorable look that will make any child smile. And it’s also hard not to notice its sparkling mane and tail. The whole piece looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Your daughter will love walking around the house with this gorgeous piggy bank in her hands. It can even become a toy that she plays with on a regular basis. Also, don’t forget this large unicorn coin bank can hold an impressive amount of money, and it’s easy to open, so she can take her money out whenever she needs it.

5. Rainbow Unicorn Saving Money Piggy Bank For Kids

This adorable unicorn piggy bank with a rainbow mane and tail is so much more than just an object that can hold coins. It’s also a charming, whimsical reminder of childhood and a fabulous piece of decoration in its own right.

By filling this money bank with coins, your child can save for something special. The power of optimism and the promise of magic will make those savings as dazzling as they are!

6. Elegant Unicorn-Shaped Piggy Bank

Unlike most unicorns’ heads facing forward, this pure white unicorn has her head turned, making it truly one-of-a-kind. The moving gesture looks like she is inviting you to save for your future with her.

The delicate curves, soft golden horn, and poised head are as enchanting as the famous fairytale. This elegant coin-saving friend will be a perfect gift for girls and young ladies.

7. Purple Electronic ATM Unicorn Piggy Bank With Lock

Does your kid always dream of saving their money in a mini-ATM savings Bank? That’s what you get with this unicorn piggy bank. This purple money box includes a personalized password and a fingerprint scanner that will prevent siblings from raiding the vault.

With this cool money box, children can learn more about handling their money the right way and squirrel away all their loose change, birthday money, and allowance earnings. Plus, the friendly unicorn design looks gorgeous on any shelf or desk.

If you want more high-tech and creative designs, then you will enjoy this list of cool electronic piggy banks for kids and adults. There is something for everyone in this collection, from a panda-shaped automatic money box to a bill feeder excavator.

8. Personalized Unicorn Piggy Bank

This piggy bank craft kit comes with everything you need to create your own unicorn piggy bank. The amazing part about this craft kit is that it makes decorating easy, even for kids who have never tried arts and crafts before.

Your girl will love decorating her coin bank with stunning foils and glitters that come in with this fun craft kit—what a smart way to introduce her to DIY arts and crafts while also making something she’ll treasure forever!

9. Electronic Unicorn Piggy Bank

A playful unicorn hides inside this money box, waiting to steal money from your kid’s wallet! Just place a coin on the button and tap it; the cute unicorn will appear and grab the cash like a pet cat would grab food from your hands.

This whimsical bank will inspire endless smiles from your little ones when they watch their money disappear.

10. Cat Unicorn Piggy Bank

When your beloved cat and unicorn come together, magic happens.

The unique design features a traditional cat figurine with a golden unicorn horn that blends cute animals with mythical creatures. Its ceramic body looks glossy and smooth, and if you have a closer look, there is a pinkish heart on its body that shows love and affection towards the owner. After all, love wins!

Need a fun way to save money? Consider this cat unicorn piggy bank.

We also have cute Hello Kitty piggy banks here for Hello Kitty lovers.

11. DIY Paint Your Own Unicorn Piggy Bank

What’s more magical than a unicorn? Get a unicorn piggy bank to paint yourself! Children will have hours of fun painting their unicorn bank, decorating, and applying glitter. And the best part? They get to keep all their money in their very own ceramic unicorn piggy bank. It’s not going to disappear magically!

This adorable piggy bank is perfect for saving up for those dream holidays or whatever your child wishes. Get creative and have fun!

12. White And Silver Unicorn Pig Piggy Bank for Kids

Who says pigs can’t fly? Give your money a ride and let it take off with the help of a rainbow-maned unicorn. It is a piggy bank that doesn’t conform to the norm.

The coin slot is hidden under the mane, where you can stash all your pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. This ceramic unicorn piggy bank will add a bit of whimsy to your savings and help you achieve financial success! It’s a fun décor addition to bedrooms.

13. Plastic Llama Unicorn Piggy Bank

Ever got a llama unicorn piggy bank? This bank’s got the mythical powers of a unicorn combined with the strength of a llama, so your kid’s money will be safe inside its belly.

The unbreakable plastic ensures that no matter how many times your kiddo drops it, this llama will always be there for your child and save their allowance.

14. Jumbo Plush Pink Unicorn Piggy Bank — Hug Me And Fill Me!

It’s rare to see plush piggy banks, and it’s even rarer to find a pink soft unicorn piggy bank that looks like a plush toy more than a functional savings tool.

This cute stuffed animal is designed to help your child save money and encourage good financial habits. And as a bonus, the new cuddly buddy will remind your kid of their goal every time they see it.

15. Jojo Siwa Unicorn Piggy Bank

This JoJo Siwa unicorn piggy bank is an excellent way for your aspiring fashionista to save up for concert tickets or adorable boots! It even helps inspire the little diva in your life to be more responsible with her money.

On top of that, this attractive ceramic piggy bank doubles as a decorative room accent. Its multi-colored mane, glitter bow, and rose-gold horn are sure to brighten up any room, and its cute appearance will never fail to put a smile on your child’s face! Want a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or any other special occasion that comes up? Give this unicorn piggy bank a try.

16. DIY Unicorn Money Box — How To Make A Unicorn Piggy Bank

Want to create your first own unicorn piggy bank? This short video shows you a creative way to make a unicorn-themed money box with simple materials at home. Check it out.

17. Unicorn Head Piggy Bank

This ceramic piggy bank is shaped like a majestic unicorn head, with soft and subtle coloring that will fit right in any modern setting, whether you display it at home or use it as an office decoration.

Its eyes are wide and gentle, almost as if to say, “Thanks for your deposit.” This piece will look even more remarkable when facing natural sunlight or decorative light at home.

Where To Buy A Unicorn Piggy Bank

If you want to purchase an adorable unicorn piggy bank without leaving your home, Amazon is the go-to place for you to find unicorn coin banks in various shapes, colors, and sizes.

The banks are not only super cute, but they also make for a great gift for your kids, nieces, and even nephews. And if you are an Amazon Prime member, make sure to take advantage of the free and fast shipping.

Final Thoughts — The Best Unicorn Piggy Bank

We hope you will find the unicorn piggy bank you love from this list. If you want something more playful, go with one of the toy versions. Or, if you prefer something more elegant, then pick out one of the beautiful pieces.

Whatever your preference is, these magic unicorns will make the perfect gift for kids and adults.

Did you know there are many other types of piggy banks for yourself and your kids? Here is more for you to discover.

There are many possibilities like the classic coin banks and piggy banks, digital money jars, or electronic money boxes. These money-saving ideas will help you save whatever spare change you have and teach your kids the value of saving while they grow.

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