Top 23 Best Piggy Banks For Kids (Fun, Cool, Unique, DIY…)

Best Piggy Banks For Kids (Fun, Cool, Unique, DIY…)
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Want to teach your kid how to save money at an early age? 

Then it’s time to consider getting your child a cool piggy bank. 

You might wonder, “Why are piggy banks important for kids?

A piggy bank is not just a physical place for kids to store their allowance and chore money. It’s also a fun tool to teach children the value of saving and the concept of budgeting. Some modern money banks even encourage sharing, donating, and investing.

A coin bank is a great investment that helps kids raise financial awareness and build a healthy relationship with money from a very young age.

And if you also want a bank that serves as a decorative piece from nursery to a teen’s room, this handpicked list of piggy banks for kids will help you.

23 Best Piggy Banks For Kids

1. Unbreakable Disney Hamm Piggy Bank For Kids

Is your kid a fan of Toy Story? Then Hamm (the famous Toy Story character) will make a perfect gift for your little one. This piggy bank from Amazon is made of high-quality material that could last for years, so you don’t have to worry about broken ceramics on the floor. And the large slot can house all kinds of US coins. If your child needs some cash for snacks or small toys, the rubber stopper at the tummy allows easy access.

2. Lego Toy Piggy Bank 

Young users or older kids will have lots of fun while putting this lego piggy bank together. It’s unique, practical, and entertaining. Although taking the money out is a little bit challenging, it is another good reason to continue saving until it’s filled up. 

3. Educational Moonjar Piggy Bank For Kids

This piggy bank is an engaging educational tool to teach your kids about money and money management. This coin bank from Amazon has three slots (save, spend, and share) for folded bills and coins in three distinct colors. Apart from saving, kids can also learn the basics of budgeting and the concept of sharing. It’s a perfect tool to help children develop good money habits and a charitable spirit.

4. Cute Carriage Piggy Bank For Girls

This ceramic carriage-shaped piggy bank is a delightful décor in your little princess’s bedroom. However, the super cute appearance is not the only reason to have it. This high-quality coin bank allows your little girl to store her pocket change for something special later. 

5. Awesome Piggy Bank For Kids

Like Moonjar, this translucent piggy bank also divides the saved money into different sections (saving, spending, donating, and investing). But this coin bank adds one more segment—investing, which is essential for wealth creation. Whether spending on the newest gadget, donating to help animals or saving for later investment plans, children can decide which slot to place their hard-earned cash to meet their financial goals. Kids can develop the habit of saving at an early age and learn how to spend their money wisely with the help of this piggy bank.

6. Incredible Electronic Piggy Bank For Boys And Girls

This mini ATM money bank from Amazon has a lot to offer. The cool features (a password lock, sound effects, a UV light, a fake fingerprint, and an automatic paper notes scroll) make saving much more fun for your kids. This piggy bank certainly arouses your children’s interest in saving.

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7. Cute Unicorn Piggy Bank For Girls

This piggy bank shows a perfect combination of a cute unicorn and a colorful nightlight. The rainbow color LED horn will look fantastic in your princess’s room. And the removable horn can be used as a handheld nightlight. The glazed unicorn could be elegant home decor, a handheld nightlight, and a practical piggy bank for kids.

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8. Ceramic Dinosaur Piggy Bank For Boys

Boys will love to deposit coins into this cute ceramic dinosaur piggy bank. It’s also a fabulous addition to any boy’s bedroom. The pads on its feet are such a clever move, so you don’t have to worry about scratches on the table.

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9. Digital Counter Piggy Bank

This clear plastic piggy bank includes a digital coin counter with an LCD screen, helping your kids keep track of the balance whenever a coin is deposited. Instead of guessing if the piggy bank is full, children can watch their savings grow with its see-through belly. And it won’t break into pieces if dropped, thanks to the durable material. Simple yet classy.

10. Super Mario Piggy Bank

Children into the classic Super Mario video games would love this piggy bank. Whenever a coin is inserted, your child will hear the sound just like the one in the game. Kids will be happy every time they deposit a coin. Boost their savings with Mario Bros.

11. Big Ceramic Piggy Bank For Girls

This hand-painted piggy bank with a pink bow on the top is a lovely gift for girls. The large body can hold a decent amount of coins, developing a habit of saving that benefits for life.

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12. Marvel Spiderman Piggy Bank For Boys

This Spiderman piggy bank makes saving not look like a chore for little boys and all Spiderman lovers. Children can develop saving habits naturally from a young age while dropping coins into this Marvel Spiderman piggy bank. 

For more Spiderman banks, check out this Marvel collection.

13. Smart Piggy Bank For Kids

This high-quality piggy bank is a fantastic design to teach your kids money management. The magnet closure that holds the three boxes together also serves as detailed instructions for kids to learn about saving, spending, and sharing. When children “assemble” their piggy banks, it creates a personal experience. The top slots are wide enough to take bills and coins (yep, no need to fold the bills). It’s also easy to deposit and withdraw.

14. Electronic Piggy Bank For Kids 

Looking for a more sophisticated piggy bank for your little one? This electronic ATM-shaped safe box is a great option. It requires a passcode to open the bank for a withdrawal, so no one else can secretly “borrow” money. The automatic bills scroll feature makes it look like a real ATM. Thanks to the big storage capacity, children can store their allowances (bills and coins) in the bank and use their savings for bigger-ticket items (video games or high-tech gadgets) that they have always wanted.

15. Unique Minecraft Pig Bank 

Minecraft enthusiasts, look at here! This pink pixelated piggy bank makes a perfect gift for every child who loves this game. Apart from the savings function, this one-of-a-kind piggy bank is also a sweet decorative addition.

16. Fisher-Price Talking Piggy Bank For Kids 

This talking piggy bank is one of the most interactive and educational banks on this list. Colorful coins, fun music, and various sounds can keep your children engaged for hours. This playful experience will make kids feel that saving is fun and enjoyable. 

17. Elephant Piggy Bank For Girls

This pink elephant money bank with a red heart in her belly makes an adorable gift for little girls. Receivers will love it as a Christmas gift, a birthday present, or a unique gift on any other special occasion.

We’ve also got a collection of elephant piggy banks for elephant fans here.

18. Cute And Cool Panda Stealing Coin Box For Kids

This animal-themed coin bank is one of the most eye-catching piggy banks for kids on this list. When kids place a coin on the bamboo plate, a playful panda will pop up and say hello. Then the cute panda coin bank will take the deposit away and keep it safely in the bank.

19. Rainbow Piggy Bank For Boys And Girls (DIY)

What can make a piggy bank more personal than crafting it yourself? This ceramic rainbow-shaped piggy bank will bring out your kids’ artistic side. Get creative and inject some personality into this little piggy bank. Your children will be excited to decorate their first rainbow bank.

20. Personalized Wooden Piggy Bank

We all like an item with a unique personal touch, so do your kids. This letter-shaped wooden piggy bank stands out from the crowd because of the personalized name feature. Besides, the transparent front allows your kids to see their savings pile up and how close they are to their goals.  

21. Ceramic Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Coin Bank For Kids And Adults 

The details on this ceramic seated cat are just attention-grabbing. This lucky cat brings its owner luck, happiness, and wealth.

Its right paw carries an abacus representing wealth and prosperity. And the left paw with a golden bell signals happiness and health. It sounds great to have luck and happiness while growing your savings with this lovely cat.

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22. Novelty Owl Piggy Bank With A Digital Counter

This cute owl coin bank with big eyes will guard your children’s money day and night. And the digital counter at the top will show the balance whenever kids drop a coin through the slot. It also comes with two keys for quick access. Your kids will be excited to place cash into this adorable piggy bank. For owl lovers, don’t miss out.

23. Unbreakable Disney Minnie Mouse Piggy Bank

Has your kiddo ever wanted to have a cute Minnie Mouse in the house? This piggy bank shaped like a Minnie Mouse will put a big smile on your little one. The unbreakable material lets this piggy bank accompany your kid for many years.

Final Thoughts — Best Piggy Banks For Kids

It’s never too early to teach kids how to save and manage their money effectively. Good money habits for saving, spending, sharing, and investing can help your children make wise financial choices at an earlier age.

These piggy banks for kids from Amazon are an awesome savings buddy and beautiful home decor.

So, are you ready to pick up the best piggy bank for your kids from this list and help them start their savings journey early? And if you want to make it a game and save money with your children, you can find a list of cool piggy banks for adults here.

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