32 Best Piggy Banks For Girls That’ll Inspire Them To Start Saving (2023)

Cute piggy banks for girls
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A piggy bank is a fun and interactive way to teach your little girl the value of saving money and personal finance. She can learn how to save, manage, and spend while growing her savings over time.

These days, piggy banks come in all shapes and sizes to suit different tastes and age groups. There are cute piggy banks for girls, piggy banks for kids of all ages, and even cool piggy banks for adults. Piggy banks can also inspire grown-ups to save more money and achieve their financial goals faster.

You can also find theme-related piggy banks like Hello Kitty piggy banks for Hello Kitty fans, unique unicorn piggy banks for unicorn lovers, Spiderman coin banks for loyal fans, or elephant money banks for those elephant-obsessed. 

Whether you are buying for Christmas, birthdays, baby shower parties, or other special occasions, piggy banks make the perfect money gift idea.

The Cutest Piggy Banks For Girls

As you can see, there are plenty of options for piggy banks. To help you narrow down the choices of piggy banks for girls, we’ve rounded up 32 super-sweet styles—all worthy of holding those shiny coins. Keep reading for our top recommendations!

1. Cool Piggy Bank For Girls

The vibrant pink color and shiny details of this ceramic piggy bank will add some sparkle to your little princess’s room. Made from high-quality ceramic, the bank measures 8 x 7 inches in size. This pretty pink pig is wearing black shoes, which is rare in piggy banks. It also comes with a beautiful tiara and a matching bow on top of its head. Plus, its large size allows your princess to deposit plenty of money into it without worrying about it filling up too quickly or breaking apart from being stuffed full at any given time. This adorable piggy bank makes a great gift for any girl who loves collecting coins and saving up for her future adventures.

2. Cute Elephant Piggy Bank For Girls

If your little one is an elephant lover, this white ceramic elephant coin bank with grey detailing is a sweet addition to her nursery. It features a cute elephant with closed eyes and a trunk raised upwards, ready to take your coins. The matte white finish creates an inviting look that can fit any room setting. We also have a separate collection of gorgeous elephant piggy banks from Amazon for those who love elephant charms. These stunning banks come in different styles and colors. Make sure you check them out. 

3. Unique Electronic Piggy Bank

This electronic piggy bank is a fun way to teach your kids to save money. The safe is equipped with a password feature so your children can protect their savings from unauthorized access by others. It also has a great auto money scroll function that allows them to save more by adding bills inside the money box.

4. Baby Piggy Bank For Girls

If you’re looking for a piggy bank that will stand up to the wear and tear of your little one’s hands, this is it. This piggy bank looks like a traditional piggy bank—complete with ears. But unlike ceramic coin banks, this one is unbreakable, even with rough handling. It also comes in different colors so that you can pick one that best matches your daughter’s room or personality. 

5. Large Personalized Wooden Piggy Bank For Girls

What better way to encourage your girl to save her money than with a personalized wooden letter money box like this? You can put your daughter’s name on it. She can also keep track of her savings progress with the clear side while depositing bills or coins into the wide slot. 

6. Cute Hello Kitty Piggy Bank For Girls Of All Ages

As a famous character, this piggy bank is sure to be a hit with the loyal Hello Kitty fan in your life. Made of Polyvinyl Chloride, it’s lightweight but sturdy enough not to tip over when full. Whether you are buying it for your daughter, niece, or female friend, this gift will surely encourage them to save more money. Your gal might also love these Hello Kitty piggy banks, which come in many sizes and styles. There’s something for everyone.

7. Lovely Unicorn Piggy Bank For Little Girls

This is a cute, happy, and dreamy unicorn piggy bank that any little girl will love to hold. The smiling face with gentle blushing cheeks will surely delight the recipient. This classic keepsake, made of high-quality resin, is perfect for kids to save money or just to start saving early on their own adventures. If you have a unicorn lover in the family, you’ll also find this list of magical unicorn piggy banks helpful for your next special occasion. Don’t miss out on #3. 

8. Unbreakable Deer Piggy Bank For Girls

This sweet pink deer, made from durable resin, is shatter-resistant and unbreakable—perfect for little hands. The cute deer design gives your little one all the cuteness while providing a fun way to save those coins. And the removable head allows easy access to her savings. This cute deer money bank will make an excellent birthday gift or Christmas present.

9. Ceramic Piggy Bank For Girls

For the little girl who wants to save her money but is tired of the same old piggy bank look, we’ve got you covered. This cute piggy bank is made of high-quality ceramic that will last for years. What makes this piggy bank special is its lovely pinky cheek and the sweet pink ribbon bow on top of its head. The princessy butterfly and flower detailing on its body make it a great gift idea for any princess that loves butterflies and flowers! This bank is large enough to store many coins without taking up too much space when displayed on your daughter’s dresser or shelf.

10. Cute Princess Carriage Piggy Bank

If you’re looking for a gift that will make any baby girl smile, this ceramic piggy bank is just the ticket. While the shiny silver and light pink detailing add some extra pizzazz, the charming princess carriage design also has pink and white korker ribbon detail that adds more cuteness to its overall appearance.

11. Rose Gold Electronic Piggy Bank For Young Savers

This rose gold ATM-shaped piggy bank can store about 600 coins or 100 bills, which is perfect for your young saver with a more ambitious savings goal. Let your girl save in style and learn about money management early. Interested in electronic piggy banks with password protection? We’ve got more options for your little ones here. 

12. Disney Toy Story Hamm Piggy Bank For Girls

Hamm is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a piggy bank that will make your daughter laugh. It’s a fun toy and a fully functional money box. Your girl will proudly display it in her bedroom or playroom. If she wants to take out her coins, simply remove its large detachable nose on the front.

13. Adorable Lion Piggy Bank

This cute little guy is full of great details. Its seated posture and cute facial expression give it a sweet appearance. And its face looks slightly upwards, adding extra charm to this money bank. If you have a girl who loves lions and wants to start saving money, this cute little lion is a great gift.

14. Large Personalized Piggy Bank For Girls

This hand-painted ceramic piggy bank is decorated with a floral and pink bow design, giving it a colorful, feminine touch. It’ll look sweet in any little’s girl’s bedroom or nursery. Plus, you can get your girl’s name on it. This fabulous item makes a great birthday present or Christmas gift and will be cherished by your special little girl for years!

15. Digital Piggy Bank That Counts Your Coins

This automatic coin counter is the perfect gift if your girl enjoys a fun, interactive experience while saving her pocket money. It counts all the saved coins and displays the total amount on the clear LCD screen. So she can keep track of her money and watch her savings grow over time. How convenient is that?

16. Ceramic Castle Piggy Bank For Your Princess

You can’t get any cuter than this ceramic castle piggy bank, complete with white details, light golden lines, and glittering pink accents on the top. It is more than just a whimsical design. It’s a dream come true for little princesses who want to save their coins in a castle that looks like it was plucked straight from their imagination. 

17. My First Bunny Piggy Bank For Girls

This lovely bunny coin bank is perfect for storing your girl’s pocket money (up to 800 coins). It’s made of thick plastic that’s unbreakable and durable enough for your little one’s rough playtime or accidental drops. The pink heart design on each foot is adorable. And the angelic wings are just an added bonus because who doesn’t want an angelic rabbit checking upon them? This money bank makes a perfect gift idea for girls, especially during the Easter holidays!

18. Giraffe Piggy Bank For Baby Girls

This giraffe piggy bank with its pink spotted design is a great tool to teach your child about money at a young age. Your girl will love its sweet face and playful design. And best of all? It has a removable stopper that allows your little one to take out any saved coins whenever she wants to spend them!

19. Unique Wooden Piggy Bank For Toddlers And Teens

This brightly-colored piggy bank is a cute way to save money, and it also doubles as a decorative piece. It features a clear window on both sides so your kid can watch their savings grow and add some flair to their room. The fun design includes a heart, a ribbon bow, and white polka dots. If you want to make it more unique, add a ribbon bow or other embellishments. 

20. DIY Unicorn Piggy Bank For Girls

If your daughter is obsessed with unicorns and wants to add a unique unicorn piggy bank to her collection, this paint-your-own unicorn piggy bank will be the perfect gift. The kit includes everything you’ll need for a fun afternoon of painting and glittering. The unicorn figurine has been designed with plenty of space for creativity so that girls can create their unique creatures.

21. Golden Piggy Bank 

The cute sleeping pig design makes it ideal for any child’s room. It’s made of high-quality and shatterproof material, so you can rest assured that it will last through many years of use. The little wings on this piglet add a whimsical touch to an otherwise practical item! Have a baby shower or birthday party that is coming up? Consider giving this money bank to your favorite little girl.

22. Educational Piggy Bank For Kids Of all Ages

It’s never too young to learn about money. This money bank helps kids develop money management skills while making it easy to keep track of their progress in the three separate compartments. It’s the perfect educational tool to teach your children about saving, spending, and sharing.

23. Pink Butterfly Piggy Bank For Girls

The stunning design features a pink ceramic butterfly with wings spread wide. And the shiny glitter makes it even more special. It helps your daughter develop a habit of saving over time; it also serves as a decorative piece that sits perfectly on her dresser or table.

24. Pink Swan Piggy Bank For Girls

This ceramic swan-shaped piggy bank is a beautiful way to store your child’s savings. The pink swan has a cute face and long eyelashes, giving it an elegant look that will fit in well with your daughter’s room decor. And the silver crown on top of its head adds an element of royalty to this cute little swan. This is a perfect gift for any young girl who wants something pretty and practical for her room or for anyone who enjoys collecting unique designs.

25. Dinosaur Piggy Bank For Girls

Dinosaur fans will love this cute and cuddly Tyrannosaurus Rex piggy bank that lets them save their hard-earned cash. Its pink body comes with an adorable yellow belly with black stripes. Best of all? It’s shatterproof and can stand up against accidental drops. Want more dinosaur coin banks like this one for the dinosaur lover in your life? Then you will love this list

26. Cute Dotted Birdie Piggy Bank For Girls

This adorable birdie piggy bank comes with a blue polka dot design. It will make your little girl squeal with delight and inspire her to save up for her next big goal. Gift this savings bank to your child, niece, or grandchild for the next special occasion. It’s a great way to teach your little one how to save money.

27. Super-Cute Penguin Piggy Bank For Girls

It’s not just the round body and bright color that make the penguin piggy bank special; it also has a cute little hat on its head. This plastic bank will make a perfect gift for your little one. Even if she’s not into collecting coins right now, this unbreakable coin bank will still be a cute addition to her room.

28. Disney Pua Piggy Bank For Girls

This piggy bank is a fun and clever way to introduce your children to saving. With its pink snout and colorful details, Pua will quickly catch the attention of any child who loves the movie Moana or purely enjoys Disney characters in general. The sturdy ceramic design makes it durable enough for little ones to use, and its glossy finish will keep it looking nice for years to come. With Pua, your little one will be able to save their own money for that new toy or candy bar with ease. 

29. Minnie Mouse Piggy Bank For Girls

This cute Minnie Mouse piggy bank is a great way to make money management fun! It’s the perfect size for keeping kids’ savings safe, and it holds coins and folded bills. And it’s in the shape of one of your daughter’s favorite Disney characters, wearing the iconic red polka dot skirt and bow. 

30. Standing Princess Piggy Bank For Girls

This sweet princess coin bank, wearing a crown, has her eyes closed with a smile. The glittering detailing on her dress makes this piece look even more adorable. With its white and pink hue, this princess bank will spark any girl’s imagination. Your little girl will feel royalty as she saves up for her dream trip to Disneyland or even something small like an ice cream cone.

31. Large Cat Piggy Bank For Girls

This lovely kitten is ready to be your daughter’s best friend. It is a cute and cuddly money bank that will keep her coins organized and make saving fun. With its happy expression and lifting arms, it’s sure to make your little one happy. And you don’t have to worry about breakage as it’s made of shatterproof material. Did I also mention that it has a large storage capacity (700-900 coins)?

32. Ombre Ceramic Piggy Bank

If your child is a fan of rainbows, unicorns, or anything else that sparkles and shines, then this piggy bank is the perfect gift for them to save their pennies in. The bright rainbow colors will be sure to catch their eye and urge them to fill it up as soon as possible.

Save Money With Your cute Piggy Bank

We hope you find the perfect piggy bank that suits your girl’s needs from this list. 

Whether you are shopping for your daughter, niece, young female friend, or any other young lady in your life, these cute piggy banks will surely make them smile. 

We also have more budget-friendly gift ideas for big events like birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, and other fun activities that may pop up soon. Get some quick inspiration now and have a fun gift-giving experience. 

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