31 Cool Piggy Bank Ideas (That Makes A Perfect Gift For Adults And Kids)

Piggy bank gift ideas for kids and adults
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Cash payment works exceptionally well for people who want to stick to their budget and control overspending when the natural impulse is to spend it to keep up with the Joneses. However, that raises a question, where should you put the loose change after breaking a bill? Instead of finding $1 under the couch or $0.50 in the laundry, why not feed the extra money to a cute piggy bank?

An adult piggy bank does more than just organize your spare change; it’s also a sweet reminder to put away money for emergencies, financial goals, and debt repayments. A little bit of saving goes a long way. Plus, it’s fun to watch those coins and notes pile up!

On the other hand, kids don’t become financially responsible naturally, and most often, they don’t learn personal finance at school. So, parents need to teach their children financial skills.

Learning from an early age that “money doesn’t grow on trees” will encourage kids to work hard to earn their allowance and save up for what they want. Being smart with their money will lead to a happy, healthy, and financially secure life when they grow up. So why not teach your children financial literacy early with the help of a piggy bank?

It seems like the sole function of a piggy bank is to teach kids how to save. However, children can learn far more than simple saving tricks with a coin bank.

  • A piggy bank creates opportunities for parents to have money talks with their kiddo(s) and introduce the topic of financial literacy.
  • Children can learn basic addition and subtraction when inserting bills with a digital fund jar. 
  • Some money banks have wide slots that accept all US coins, bills, and foreign currencies, allowing kids to learn the numerical value of cash and world currencies.
  • When children practice money skills with a piggy bank, they learn faster and better. After all, kids love to play.
  • Financially fit kids are more likely to avoid bad money habits in adulthood. 

Best Piggy Banks

Whether looking for a gift on a special occasion for your child, niece, nephew, grandchild, or yourself, you will find one that suits your preference among these best piggy bank ideas.

1. Extra Large Digital Money Jar For Adults And Kids (2.8L)

Made from durable plastic, this piggy bank will last for years. The large size is ideal for adults and kids with ambitious goals. And the automatic coin counter keeps a close track of how much money is deposited in the coin bank, so you don’t have to do the counting. Not only can this extra-large savings jar help you build up your savings, but also it keeps you updated with the balance.

2. Piggy Bank For Adults

This piggy bank, made of stainless steel, is perfect for those who want to save for something big. Its unopenable design urges you to continue saving until your goal is met. Whether saving for a lovely vacation or something special, the big capacity (1,500 bills or 10,000 coins) allows you to dream big. Once you open the bank, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and be proud of yourself by developing a good money habit (i.e., saving).

You might also want to check out this list of awesome piggy bank ideas for adults here. #14 will surprise you!

3. Spider-Man Piggy Bank For Kids And Adults

Just like Spidey, you’re a star when it comes to saving your pennies. Don’t be fooled by its cute appearance; this durable and lightweight bank stands firm to protect your money from evil forces. Children love him as the superhero encourages them to save, and adults love him too because he is super-cute. It’s time to save, Spidey-style!

For more saving bank ideas inspired by Spiderman, click here.

4. Clear Glass Piggy Bank

This clear glass piggy bank allows you to see all your coins inside at a glance, serving as a reminder of saving additional deposits. If you are saving for something special, it’s sweet to watch your savings grow steadily. The adorable design also makes it a beautiful showpiece to display and appreciate.

5. Electronic Piggy Bank

Let your kids get interested in saving with this sleek rose gold ATM-shaped money box. This tech toy has a secret password lock that keeps their savings safe and allows easy withdrawal. It’s a stylish way to manage their finances.

Look for more electronic piggy banks that accept bills and coins? This list is for you.

6. Dinosaur Piggy Bank

Tired of pig-shaped coin banks? Say hello to this dino piggy bank. It is a perfect gift for someone who loves dinosaurs or prehistoric animals. Save your money in style with this cute dinosaur piggy bank!

We have more dinosaur piggy banks here for you to browse.

7. ATM Piggy Bank With A Lock For Kids And Adults

This stylish piggy bank comes in the form of an ATM, including separate slots for depositing banknotes and coins. It’s a fun way to save your hard-earned money. Older kids will also appreciate this bank as it helps them manage their finances and protects their money from siblings.

8. Minecraft Piggy Bank

This piggy bank is a fabulous gift for any Minecraft fan (kids, teens, adults). It’s also a fun addition to any desk as money piles up. Let this cute piggy bank inspire your inner hoarder and bring the excitement of saving to your home!

9. Classic Pink Ceramic Piggy Bank For Girls

With its cute face and minimalist design, this pink ceramic piggy bank will win your girl’s heart. It will company her year after year with care. The simple design will fit nicely in your kid’s bedroom. And the rubber stopper at the bottom lets your little girl retrieve her treasures without frustration.

We also have more piggy bank ideas for girls that you might be interested.

10. Plastic Piggy Bank

This set of two adorable piggy banks is sure to please your kids. Children can carry these little fellows around safely without worrying about losing a leg or getting a crack in the bank.

11. Fisher-Price Coin Bank For Babies And Toddlers

This cute piggy bank turns a boring savings account into something that looks adorable. Little kids can play with the colorful coins and enjoy saving from a very young age. This gift will fit perfectly in your baby’s room.

12. Digital Piggy Bank That Counts Money

Don’t waste your time counting your coins. Take advantage of the cash tracker of this money jar. It will inform you of the total balance whenever you deposit cash. Plus, you can watch your money grow thanks to the transparent design. How thoughtful is that?

13. Porcelain Unicorn Coin Bank (DIY)

This unicorn piggy bank will be a hit with your daughter. She can decorate her own coin bank with bright colors and cute designs. And not surprisingly, your little girl will hoard all her loose change for this pretty piece. DIY enthusiasts and unicorn lovers can get her here on Amazon.

14. Ceramic Unicorn Piggy Bank

This brilliant white ceramic container has a whimsical unicorn design, making it beautiful and functional. With this brightly colored unicorn, every savings journey will be magical. It could also be a decorative addition to any desk or bookshelf.

We’ve also gathered more unicorn piggy banks for you to see here.

And if you are simply looking for unicorn gifts for adults who love magical and pretty items, you’ll appreciate this collection.

15. Hello Kitty Piggy Bank

This colorful and fun-loving Hello Kitty piggy bank is a hit with fans of the iconic design. Young girls and ladies will never forget to save their spare change when they’ve got Hello Kitty on their side. Put her in your favorite spot and start stowing away your earnings.

Want more cute Hello Kitty coin bank ideas? Check out this list.

16. Gray Elephant Piggy Bank

Teach your kid to save and be financially savvy with this charming elephant piggy bank. Children will be happy to drop coins into this eye-catching piece.

Find out more attractive elephant piggy banks here.

17. Wooden Piggy Bank For Adults

A stellar choice for a fan of nature, this hand-crafted wooden piggy bank is ready to collect your coins. The unique design and sweet face make it an art piece that you’ll proudly display in your home. Anyone who sees it will smile with delight. You can grab him here on Amazon.

18. Clear Coin Savings Jar

This savings jar is a nice alternative to traditional piggy banks and a simple piece for any room in the house. You can see every cent of your savings with this clear piggy bank. Fill it up and break the bank to reveal a real-life surprise.

19. Personalized Wooden Letter Piggy Bank

This personalized money box is a thoughtful and practical gift for anyone who cares about the environment and wants a personal touch. Not only can you choose the letter, but you can also add the recipient’s name on the clear front.

20. Personalized Piggy Bank For Boys

This hand-painted piggy bank makes a perfect gift idea for young sports fans. It’s a playful bank with a bit of flair and personality. Your little boy will love to save up for the things he desires with the addition of his name.

21. Game Boy Money Box

Remember the good old days? This money box will bring back all those beautiful memories from when classic games like Super Mario Land were all the rage! This Game Boy piggy bank is a must-have for any Nintendo fan’s home!

22. Disney Minnie Mouse Piggy Bank for Girls And Adults

Teach your little one about saving money early with a piggy bank as sweet as this Minnie Mouse. Kids will love to save their pennies with this coin bank while having the benefits of saving. Adults will also enjoy depositing their loose change into this playful bank.

23. Pokémon Pikachu Piggy Bank

For this little guy, receiving a coin is a thrill! He will “gobble up” every coin you put in front of him. Uniquely shaped and brightly colored, it will appeal to all Pokémon fans. Saving won’t be a mundane chore with this cute Pikachu piggy bank.

24. Shark Piggy Bank

Got a little one that loves sharks? When money comes in, this shark piggy bank doesn’t bite with its sharp teeth. There’s plenty of room to tuck away big savings and smaller coins alike, just like a real shark’s belly! This friendly guy will inspire young savers to save for their future and develop good spending habits.

25. White Ceramic Bunny Coin Bank

This beautifully-designed ceramic bunny is an elegant addition to a bedroom dresser or a desktop accessory. You can’t help coming back for more rounds of loose change. This ceramic piggy bank saves up for a rainy day (or a sunny one).

26. Cute Piggy Bank

Say h-a-double l-l-o to Hamm! This all-time favorite Toy Story character is adored by kids and adults alike. It makes a lovely gift idea. After all, you can’t go wrong with a little extra Hamm! Get this cutie here on Amazon.

 27. Dog Piggy Bank

Show your child the benefits of saving money at an early age with this cute husky dog coin bank. You can make this adorable dog bank your favorite money holder at home or gift it to dog lovers.

28. No Face Piggy Bank

Are you sick of all your coins flying everywhere? Let this no-face money bank take care of your loose change. Simply toss a coin into the red bowl and watch this secret coin pal munch on the money. While adults appreciate his practicality, kiddos can enjoy watching coins disappear into a hungry mouth.

29. Pixar Car Piggy Bank

Surprise your little one with this cute Lightning McQueen bank. This car piggy bank makes a sweet gift for any young fan of the popular Cars movies. Watch your kid fill up their piggy bank with this fun character and make saving a breeze.

30. Toy Piggy Bank

Excavate a treasure with this cute and unique piggy bank! Kids will love to deposit their hard-earned cash into a coin bank that shows some personality. Get this bright excavator money bank here on Amazon.

31. Gold Cactus Coin Bank

If you are thinking of a unique gift that will last long, this dazzling ceramic bank is a great choice. With clean lines and a sleek mirror finish, this sunny ceramic cactus makes it a chic addition to any room.

FAQ – Piggy Bank

What Is The Use Of A Piggy Bank?

The original purpose of having a piggy bank for yourself or your kid is to get into saving and develop good financial habits. Adults can store their stash of cash in a money box, whereas children could feed their fund jars with allowance and chore money. Aside from the primary function, a stylish bank could also serve as a cool decor piece in your home or office.

Why Do We Save Money In Piggy Banks?

Piggy banks are a simple money-saving solution for a couple of reasons.

1. If you prefer cash payment, you are bound to have spare cash whenever you break a bill. And a piggy bank can help you organize loose change so you won’t throw your money away or lose it.

2. It’s also an excellent way to form a habit of saving effortlessly. Your savings grow whenever you put your coins or paper money in a piggy bank. Believe it or not, the piggy bank strategy actually works, reports from USA TODAY.

3. You can set an excellent example of saving, budgeting, and spending for your kids.

4. Unlike internet banking (technical issues can sometimes happen), you can instantly access your coin container for emergencies. And there is no need to smash the piggy bank for retrieving money if you choose a modern one on this list.

Is A Piggy Bank A Good Gift?

A piggy bank is an awesome gift that kids and adults would love. It can be used for years, and the receiver would probably think of you every time they deposit a coin. Did you know piggy banks symbolize good luck and fortune, making them thoughtful presents to show your love and best wishes to your family and friends? Plus, modern piggy banks come in different sizes, colors, and shapes, which are practical and aesthetic.

Is There A Piggy Bank That Counts Money?

Yes. Digital piggy banks can automatically count your bills and coins, so you don’t have to do the work.

For example, this ATM bank can tell you how much you have saved so far and how close you are to your goal. And this money jar will also show you the total balance with a clear LCD screen.

Want More Piggy Bank Ideas?

Whether looking for a gift idea or shopping for a piggy bank for yourself, here are more options to consider. 

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