24 Cool Piggy Banks For Adults That Will Motivate You To Save More In 2023

Cool piggy bank ideas for adults
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We all know saving is essential for either short-term or long-term financial goals. But saving money could be challenging, especially for those who lack discipline with budgeting and saving.

That’s where an adult piggy bank kicks in. 

Although the saved coins/bills in your piggy bank won’t pay your first house or afford your retirement plan, it’s a fun and effective way to stash extra money away and help you get into saving. 

You can easily yield a couple of hundreds (or even thousands) with an adult piggy bank. 

Many people think piggy banks are just for kids. But it’s NOT true. Cool money banks can suit everyone who wants a simple money-saving solution regardless of age. 

24 Cool Piggy Bank Ideas For Adults

Here is a list of the best piggy banks for adults that will motivate you to save more.

Whether looking for a piggy bank that you have to smash to open or a piggy bank that counts bills and coins, you can find the one that will inspire you to start saving today among these money bank ideas for adults. 

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All right, let’s dive right in.

Cute Piggy Banks For Adults

1. Handcrafted Wooden Piggy Bank

This handcrafted piggy (Rudi) makes an ideal piggy bank gift for your friends and yourself. 

The wide slot feature makes it easy to drop multiple coins and bills. And if you want to withdraw money, simply remove the tail. The curly leather tail and carved ears make Rudi even more special. This cute piggy bank will be your best savings buddy, and a fun shelf addition complements rustic home decor.

Grab your wooden piggy bank here from Amazon. 

2. Unique Owl Shaped coin Bank For Adults

This handmade owl-shaped coin bank would sit nicely on your table or shelf. The empty mesh belly is happy to hold any of your spare change (coins and bills). And the coin slot is big enough to take international currencies. 

You can watch your money grow with the see-through-belly while saving additional deposits. Want to retrieve money? Open the soft rubber at the bottom.

This cool piggy bank is practical and stylish. 

3. Classic Ceramic Piggy Bank For Adults

Are you looking for a traditional piggy bank with easy access?

This super cute piggy bank with a removable rubber stopper on the underside makes withdrawal easy for adults and kids. Whether you are steadily saving for a specific goal or want to teach your kid to form the habit of saving, this coin bank is for you.

The white polka dots on the light pink piggy bank makes it different from other coin banks for adults, fitting in any home setting. It’s also big enough to house all your spare change. The inability to know how much you have accumulated and how much room you still have in this cute piggy bank will encourage you to put more money until it’s full.

Did I mention it comes in multiple color options (pink, blue, and grey)? Feel free to grab this cute piggy bank with your favorite color from Amazon.

4. Stylish Pineapple Piggy Bank

Your friends probably wouldn’t know the super cute pineapple is actually your secret piggy bank. The shiny golden look makes it a perfect decorative item. It can sit beautifully on bookshelves, tables, and desks in your home. It’s a popular money gift idea for kids and adults. 

5. Ceramic Stitched Elephant Piggy Bank

For those who love elephants, check out this adorable piece. This adult coin bank can put a smile on anyone who sees it. The perfect size can house lots of coins, and the rubber pad on each foot makes it stand steadily anywhere you would like it to be. This elephant piggy bank is available in six colors.

Want more options for elephant piggy banks? Click here.

6. Star Wars Piggy Bank

Are you a big fan of Star Wars? You will love this Darth Vader money bank. 

Saving and retrieving money is extremely easy with this cute Darth Vader coin bank. Simply slot your spare change into the back of the head and remove the plastic cork at the base for a withdrawal. This adorable coin container can help you save for your future. And the special material makes this money bank more durable and sturdy than traditional piggy banks made of ceramics. 

7. Unicorn Piggy Bank

Want an eye-catching unicorn piggy bank that could be used for years to come?

Check out this unicorn that shines with a bit of personality. With its unique horn and cute design, this hand-painted coin bank creates a fun way to save your loose change. You can put it anywhere as a decorative piece. Does it make you smile just by looking at it?

We have more gorgeous unicorn piggy bank options here that you might also want to have a look.

8. Unique Spiderman PVC Piggy Bank For Adults

Collecting pennies doesn’t have to be boring. Get this Spiderman piggy bank, especially if you are a big fan.

This Spiderman coin bank is lightweight yet durable and can accompany you for years. You don’t have to worry about if your lovely piggy bank will shatter into pieces, as it won’t. Does your shelf or table lack a Spiderman bank? Go ahead and get this adorable superhero here (see it on Amazon).

Want more Spiderman bank ideas? Check out this list.

9. Personalized Ceramic Piggy Bank

This cute piggy bank for adults is different from other classic ceramic ones because of the custom name feature. 

You are officially taking ownership of this adorable piggy bank with your name on the side. Isn’t that cool? With a personal touch, you are likely to save more. And you know you are one step closer to your dream whenever dropping loose change into this cool coin bank. 

There is also a pink one if that’s your favorite color.

10. Super-Cute Whale Piggy Bank

Does this adorable whale piggy bank remind you of beautiful sea life?

This hand-painted ceramic whale with a sweet smile gives people a feeling of peace, calmness, and happiness. This stylish piggy bank keeps your coins secret and out of sight. And the rubber plug on the bottom allows easy coin removal. If you like a personal touch with your name, it’s also doable with a permanent marker.

(Extra) Large Piggy Banks For Adults

11. Plastic Piggy Bank That Counts Coins

Can’t be bothered with coin-counting?

No worries. Let this digital piggy bank do the work for you. Apart from the primary function of storing coins, this cute piggy bank goes further. It accepts all US coins (up to 800 coins) and tells you how much you have saved to keep you motivated with an automatic counter. On top of that, the twist-off lid makes retrieving money super easy.

If you are looking for a large piggy bank with a minimalist design, this cool money bank won’t disappoint you.

12. Digital Piggy Bank For Adults

If you want to know how much you have saved in your coin bank without actually counting your coins, this plastic money jar with a clear digital display is for you.

It calculates your total deposits automatically when you drop a coin. You can check the digital readout, but you can also see your savings grow thanks to the clear fund jar.

Have an ambitious savings plan?

No problem.

You can save a substantial sum of money as this modern piggy bank holds up to 1,000 coins. Whether you want to fund your next trip or save your first $1,000 in emergency savings, this large coin bank can make your dream come true.

13. Jumbo Piggy Bank For Adults (2.9 Liters)

Do you often find a handful of coins in the house (e.g., in the washing machine, under the couch, or on the table)? 

This jumbo piggy bank with a coin counter can help you store all your loose change and automatically keep track of your savings once you slip in a coin. If you are looking for an extra-large coin bank for adults (between 3000-5000 coins), this huge digital piggy bank will satisfy your needs. Your piggy bank will accumulate a sizeable amount of change over time. 

14. Large Size Ceramic Piggy Bank That Attracts Wealth and Good Luck

Are you a cat lover? You will love this cute ceramic fellow with the functionality of a piggy bank.

The Maneki-Neko (lucky cat) is full of details and represents prosperity and luck. If you look closely, the characters on the right paw mean getting money from all sides, whereas the characters on the left side mean bringing good luck to your life. And now you have seven cats that bring you wealth and luck. Pretty good, huh?

Not only does this hand-painted coin bank suit office and home settings as a feng shui decor, but also the special meaning behind it creates extra incentives for you to save.

Who doesn’t like the idea of luck, fortune, and prosperity? This high-quality ceramic piggy bank makes a perfect money gift for anyone you love (including yourself).

Want some good luck and wealth for this year? Get your lucky cat money bank from Amazon today.

You might also want to check out this list of the cutest Hello Kitty piggy banks.

15. Large Piggy Bank You Have To Break To Open

This large breakable piggy bank for adults is highly recommended to people who can’t save.

The unopenable design allows you to watch your savings pile up and break the bank when filled up. The transparent look shows you how close you are to your financial goal. This coin container is available in two sizes. The medium-sized piggy bank is perfect if you are a first-timer who wants to start a money-saving challenge. And the large one will be the right fit for those with more ambitious goals.

Need a bit of discipline? Try this large piggy bank that you have to smash to open.

16. Hizgo Stainless Steel Piggy Bank For Adults

The unique design encourages you to save aggressively and break it when your goal is met. 

The smooth surface in silver with metallic texture looks chic and modern. This piggy bank can stand steadily and fit your home decor easily. And you can store both coins and bills with its wide deposit hole. 

Most importantly, it helps you save money as it’s a piggy bank that you have to break to open.

17. Extra-large Coin Bank For Adults

Are you saving for something big? This extra-large Coca-Cola piggy bank is 2 feet tall, which can accommodate a massive load of your loose change. 

If you like to keep yourself updated with your balance, the clear bottle allows you to watch your money rise. The cool piggy bank design stands perfectly well on any flat surface.

Thinking about what you will do with the money when the coin bank is full will keep you focused. It’s such a cool way for adults to save their spare change.  

Electronic Piggy Banks For Adults

18. Electronic ATM Piggy Bank That Counts Bills And Coins

Have you ever wanted to own a cute ATM?

You can have a piggy bank that looks like a real ATM in silver or pink. You can deposit bills or coins and take them out using a plastic debit card. 

Yes, just like what you do at a real ATM. Realistic ATM lights and sounds make the piggy bank even more lifelike.

If you want to check your balance, the high-tech design will show your balance instantly after pressing the Balance key. Then you will know how close you are to your money goal.

Thanks to the easy-to-use feature, it’s a fun way to save money for grown-ups and kids.

19. Piggy Bank With A Password Lock

Do you have safety concerns while stowing away your earnings? This modern piggy bank has got you covered with a unique password lock.

This adult piggy bank can store your coins and dollar bills at the same time. Keep your stash safe with this electronic money box using a 4-digit password. It also comes in various colors. See all colors here on Amazon. 

20. Digital Security Safe Box

Try this electronic safe money box for a secret cash stash if safety is your major concern.

Made of solid steel, this safe aims to protect your valuable items. Not only can you save banknotes, but also you can store valuable items like jewelry, cards, and documents. Apart from using a digital PIN to unlock your safe box, you can also use the emergency key for quick and easy access. 

Want more electronic piggy bank ideas for adults and kids? Check out this post.

Travel Piggy Bank Ideas For Adults

21. Travel Fund Piggy Bank

Want to save enough money for your next big trip? This adventure fund box does just that.

The clear front allows you to see your savings grow when you deposit your spare change.

Not only does the vintage money bank remind you of all your desired destinations with the image of the world, but also it can serve as a decorative piece if you favor a travel-themed style.

22. Modern Travel Piggy Bank

If you are looking for a travel-specific money-saving jar with a simpler look, this adult piggy bank will do the job. Watching your savings grow in the chic wooden frame while planning your dream vacation will motivate you to save more.

23. Dual Use Piggy Bank For Adults

Can you save money and know the world at the same time?

Yes. You can do it with this unique piggy bank. It can store your spare change safely while you are planning your future trips. Looking at the world map and thinking about where your next desired destination would be will encourage you to save more money in a short period of time.

Car Piggy Bank For Adults

24. Interactive Piggy Bank For Adults

Do you like an interactive piggy bank? This car-shaped money bank will play music and flash its light when you deposit money (coins and bills). It’s pretty cute. When it’s time to empty your coin bank, enter your 4-digit password to open the car’s back door.

FAQ – Best Piggy Bank Ideas For Adults

Do Adults Use Piggy Banks?

Yes. It’s more common than you think. Piggy banks are suitable for all ages. Whether you are 16 or 60, a piggy bank is an excellent investment if you want to save money in a fun and easy way.

It is easy for adults to stash spare cash, and it’s convenient to use the bills for food delivery tips, allowances, or small unexpected expenses in the house. Some adults also use a piggy bank to save money for holidays or rainy days. Don’t forget small savings add up over time.

Can You Put Paper Money In A Piggy Bank?

Although people are more used to dropping coins into a piggy bank, they can also save paper money with these modern piggy banks for adults in this post. Your savings will grow much faster if you put bills like $1, $5, or $10 in a cool money bank.

Are You Supposed To Break Piggy Banks?

It’s commonly believed that you have to break a piggy bank to retrieve the money inside, as many piggy banks were unopenable in the past. However, you can quickly get your coins and bills out of a piggy bank without breaking it (e.g., a rubber stopper or a twisted lid). No more smashing piggy banks for adults. Hurray!

What Are The Best Piggy Banks For Adults?

Choosing the best coin bank for adults could be challenging with many different options at your fingertips. People usually consider the material, style, storage capacity, color, price, and easy access when selecting a piggy bank.

The general rule of thumb is to choose the one that encourages you to save money and makes you smile when it’s in your sight. 

Maybe you want a cool piggy bank that counts bills and coins or a unique piggy bank shaped like an owl. Then go for it. Whatever makes you want to save more is the best piggy bank.

What Is The Fastest Way To Fill A Piggy Bank?

Once you have chosen a cool piggy bank for adults from these coin container ideas, the quickest way to grow your savings is by taking action ASAP. 

Store all your dimes, pennies, nickels, quarters, and bills to fatten your piggy bank. It also goes without saying that having specific financial goals will keep you motivated and focused. 

Starting small with as little as one dollar goes a long way. Once you start, don’t stop until you reach your financial goals. 

Although it could be challenging for people buried in debt to put spare change in a piggy bank, it’s still possible with a realistic personal budget.

Final Thoughts — Piggy Bank Ideas For Adults

We all need a bit of fun and motivation to save money. Luckily, an adult piggy bank can make the saving process entertaining and encouraging.

I hope these adult piggy bank ideas will inspire you to start a savings plan today.

Remember, the earlier you start saving with one of these adult piggy banks on Amazon, the faster you can break those bad money habits and achieve your financial goals.

Want to teach your kids the value of saving as well? Here is a list of the best piggy bank ideas for your little ones. If your kid happens to be a dino lover, check out this collection.

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