12 Best Money Puzzle Boxes For Cash Or Gift Cards (Fun Secret Boxes) 2023

Amazon best money puzzle box for adults
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Money is one of the most commonly exchanged gifts, but it can be awkward to wrap. If you want to give cash but are worried your gift will be thought of as impersonal, a money puzzle box is a perfect solution. 

Instead of just giving out cold hard cash, you’re giving a thoughtful, fun present. You can put dollar bills, gift cards, or even valuable jewelry inside a well-designed money puzzle box that requires the giftee to solve a puzzle in order to access the treasure. Once it’s opened, the recipient has a new keepsake that they’ll enjoy for years, as most magic money puzzle boxes are reusable. 

The level of difficulty of a money puzzle box can range from easy (like three steps to crack the code) to difficult (like more than ten steps to unlock the secret box). 

If you’re looking for something more elaborate and challenging, there are boxes with multiple compartments, sliding panels, and locking mechanisms that require intricate slides or spins. These are harder to solve, but they make for an even better experience because they give your recipient the satisfaction of figuring it out themselves. And the money puzzle box is just as fun to watch as it is to solve! Some personalized money puzzle box even allows you to decide the difficulty level. Pretty cool, huh? 

When buying a money puzzle box on Amazon, it’s good to ensure the gift comes with the money puzzle box solution or instructions. So the recipient can crack the code without too much frustration, even with the hardest money puzzle box.

Best Money Puzzle Boxes For Adults

Money puzzle boxes are a fun way to give the gift of money to kids, teens, and adults while adding a little whimsy to the holidays. But if you’re not prepared, picking out the right one can be a little puzzling itself, especially if you are searching for a last-minute stocking stuffer. 

In order to help you quickly find the perfect money puzzle box for your friends, family, neighbors, or business associates this holiday season, we’ve carefully selected a list of the best money puzzle boxes from Amazon, including wooden money puzzle boxes as well as solid plastic money maze puzzle boxes. With this guide, you won’t get lost in the world of money gifts

1. Wooden Money Puzzle Box

Secretly hide cash, gift cards, or small valuables in this elegant money puzzle box and delight your recipient. This Enigma Heart money puzzle box will create a fun surprise for someone special in your life.

It will also let you leave your mark on a moment in time and make a memory they will never forget! For a fun twist to traditional gift-giving, this wooden money puzzle box is a fabulous choice!

2. Gift Card Money Puzzle Box

Tired of the same old way of giving a gift card? How about making a statement with a unique item that’s fun and exciting to give and receive? That’s exactly what you’ll get with this money puzzle box. This puzzle money box is a fun brain-teasing challenge that adds an extra layer of excitement.

This new spin on money gifts will grab everyone’s attention! Just slip a gift card of your choice into the locking chamber and sneak a peek at their expression when they get one of these as a gift. And as an added bonus, it can be reused as many times as you like! No matter who you’re shopping for—this is a no-fail idea. This playful money maze game is a great stocking stuffer, Christmas, birthday, or graduation gift.

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3. Fun Money Maze Cube Bank

If you’re looking for a dynamic and unusual gift idea, consider one of these unique ways to give money. Whether you want it to be a game, a puzzle, or a challenge, this money maze puzzle box will help put the fun in giving and receiving this holiday season.

In order to get the money gift out of the box, the receiver must solve the maze by maneuvering the ball through the labyrinth before unlocking it. It’s a perfect brain exercise, a cool toy maze box for kids and adults to play with, as well as a unique coin bank for the recipient to store money.

4. Wooden Money Puzzle Box for Adults

Trying to get your hands on this intriguing wooden money puzzle box is like trying to get into a brick wall. There’s no way in! At least, not at first. This brain teaser is completely impenetrable, and that’s part of the fun! The cleverly designed magic puzzle box will have your receiver guessing and inspired to solve the money puzzle box at first sight.

Wondering how to open this wooden money puzzle box? Spoiler alert: It only takes three steps. Once the giftee removes the three secret compartments, they’ll find their bonus—tickets, gift cards, or hidden cash inside the treasure box. Delight your friends with this beautifully crafted piece of art!

5. Challenging Money Puzzle Box

This Japanese secret puzzle box is a fun, brain-teasing puzzle box and is the perfect gift for collectors, avid puzzlers, kids, or anyone who loves a challenge or just enjoys solving tricky puzzles. This stylish puzzle box has been designed with twice the challenge of a standard money puzzle box.

The more you play with it, the more addictive it becomes! The end result is an addicting puzzle box and a great secret compartment where you can hide your cash, jewelry, and other valuables.

6. Clear Money Puzzle Box For Cash Gift

This gift requires a little more thinking and interaction than opening an envelope. The great thing about this maze game is that it can be used time and time again for other gifts, giving the recipient many opportunities for fun! Just place the gift inside, and they’ll be racing to the finish line in no time.

This clear money maze box is not just great for Christmas stocking stuffers; it will also make an awesome birthday present, Valentine’s Day surprise, or even a treat to reward good grades or just as a bit of office humor. Bring the excitement of a race to your next gift-giving occasion. Make it to the end to get the loot in this exciting game.

7. Plastic Money Puzzle Box, Brain Teaser Money Puzzle

What’s better than giving a gift of money? Giving the gift of a challenge and fun! This secret money puzzle box allows you to personalize the game. It’s up to you to make the game a more stimulating challenge. You can set up a difficult three-letter code word and then give the gift of money with a hint of challenge.

With up to three standard gift cards or bills, your recipient can enjoy a leisurely game trying to crack the code you provided and even more satisfaction when they solve the code and reveal the hidden gift. This brain teaser cryptex puzzle box is the perfect solution to a present that pleases both the giver and receiver.

8. Difficult Money Puzzle Box

Looking for a budget-friendly gift that your friends, family, and coworkers will never forget? This problem-solving plastic money puzzle box is the one!

With this money puzzle box, you can turn your money or gift card into an exciting code-cracking game where the recipient has to solve a puzzle to unlock the cash inside. You can make the code as easy or difficult as you want by personalizing a secret five-letter unlocking code word. Solving the puzzle is challenging and rewarding. The fun of this money box is not just a cute and clever container; it’s also a present and a practical coin bank. It’s amazing to have so many things packed into one gift!

Speaking of money banks, we have a collection of adult piggy banks and fun coin banks for your little ones as brilliant money gift ideas that you might also be interested.

9. Bilz Cosmic Pinball Gift cards And Money Puzzle Box For Kids And Adults, Fun Reusable Game

We all love pinball, but we also all love money. Put them together, and you’ve got a game that’s hard to beat!

This reusable money maze box is made of sturdy materials and includes flippers and a plunger for added fun so that the recipient can play it over and over again. Insert your money, gift card, or ticket to challenge a friend to shoot the balls in hopes of getting three into the slot. Classy, affordable, and a lot of fun, this gift is for the pinball wizard in your life.

10. Secret Money Puzzle Box

Is it time to roll the dice? On the outside, it looks like just another dice cube. But get a little closer, and you’ll find out there’s far more to it than meets the eye. Open the enigma to reveal a brain teaser or a little secret surprise.

The wooden money puzzle box is an ingenious gift-holder, waiting for the recipient to unlock their hidden treasure. This secret money puzzle box is an excellent gift for the person you love and anyone who loves a good challenge! It’s also available in black.

11. Bits And Pieces Money Puzzle Box For Adults

There are many different ways to give a gift, but few are as fun or clever as this one. This magic money puzzle box is made of real wood and big enough to hold bills, gift cards, or tickets. The recipient will have to solve the puzzle before being able to take the money gift out.

This awesome wooden money puzzle box would be the perfect way to bring some light-hearted fun into your holiday season, and it’s great for any occasion where you want to express gratitude in a unique way.

12. Amazon Money Puzzle Box For Kids And Adults

It may look like a classic wooden box, but don’t be fooled—this isn’t your typical “snap latch” puzzle box.

This wooden money puzzle box is challenging—as well as being well-crafted, it boasts an intriguing design that will hold the attention of whoever receives it. This gift idea is perfect for those who like to get creative and enjoy the process of solving a puzzle.

Giving Money As A Gift

Money puzzle boxes are a great way to add a bit of mystery to your gift-giving. Not only will the recipient enjoy solving their unique money puzzle box, but they’ll also be surprised by how much money is hidden inside!

We hope this list can help you find the perfect money puzzle box for your loved one. Want more fun and creative money gift box ideas? Check out this page.

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