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Money gift box
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Gifting is one of the most beautiful gestures of showing your love and care to someone. And a money gift idea is a great way to say thank you, congratulations, or anything else you want to communicate. 

However, handing over a wad of cash in an envelope just doesn’t have the same effect as taking the time to wrap and present it creatively. Instead of stuffing money into a bland greeting or birthday card, turn it into something worth gifting—a beautiful money gift box.

Money gift boxes are a fun way to gift cash or cards to friends and family. With so many options out there, you can easily find the one that suits your giftee’s tastes. From lighthearted holiday cash gifts to sentimental wedding gifts for newlyweds, money boxes are an excellent choice for those special occasions.

The Money Gift Box

Money gift box ideas are great for those who love cash gifts but want them to be presented thoughtfully and creatively. They’re also ideal for anyone who has trouble coming up with gift ideas for the hard-to-shop-for folks on their list.

That’s why we came up with this list of awesome money gift boxes that will impress your recipient and show them how much you care about them!

1. Money Puzzle Gift Box

This bright orange money maze gift box is a fun game for puzzle lovers and a great way to give cash gifts. You simply insert bills into the top of the cube and gift the box to someone special. The recipient will have fun trying to move the ball through an internal maze to access the surprise inside.

This piece is made of plastic, and there are other color options available (blue, green, and pink) on Amazon. You can choose one that matches your recipient’s style and personality. This puzzle box is an inexpensive way to dress up your monetary gifts while encouraging recipients to have fun trying to retrieve their cash. And did I mention it’s reusable? The recipient can use it again and again. It works perfectly as a birthday gift or stocking stuffer for older kids or adults who like this kind of brain tease.

Need more ideas? Come and see our collection of fun and creative money puzzle boxes! You can use them whenever you want to gift money. 

2. DIY Pizza Money Gift Box

Would you give someone a piece of pizza or money? If they’re a person you really care about, then make their day by giving them both. If your loved one is having a birthday or celebrating a job promotion or graduation, a creative pizza money gift box is the perfect way to surprise and delight. If you want to create one, here are a few simple steps.

  • Gather your supplies (e.g., a pizza box, double-sided tape, markers, scissors, bills, and coins).
  • Lay out your bills as best you can into the shape of a pizza in your pizza box.
  • To hold the money together securely without obscuring its face side with double-sided tape, you’ll want to use glue dots on the backs of each bill. They blend in nicely so that no one knows where they are, but everything stays put!
  • Use coins like quarters on top as toppings, giving “pepperoni” for your pizza money gift box.
  • Seal off the seams to make sure nothing falls out and decorate it to make it look more authentic. Then seal off all sides of the box with tape.

You can also get creative and add more details to personalize the money gift box. I have also found this step-by-step tutorial to help you get started.

3. Cash Money Gift Box For Birthday And Graduation

This cake money pull-out kit has everything you need to give cash in a fun and creative way. It includes one special box, a plastic roll with 50 connected pockets that can hold one paper bill each, and a topper that is chosen from three options (a happy birthday topper, a graduation topper, or a cardholder topper for your photo or greeting card).

We love watching people’s faces light up with glee as they unwrap their present and realize what it is inside. And it’s even more fun to watch their surprise when they pull out the topper and find out there’s real money inside. It’s more exciting and memorable than just shoving bills into an envelope. You could say it’s the best of both worlds—easy to wrap and easy to eat!

This money cake is great for birthdays, graduation gifts, or other special occasions where giving cash is appropriate. Your generous gift will be the highlight of the party, as your recipient pulls an “endless” stream of dollar bills out of the cake!

4. Money Gift Box For Wedding

Are you looking for a money gift box that is practical, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing at the same time? Check out this durable hollow box.

You can use this PVC-made box to securely store money and over 255 cards and envelopes with a lock. Apart from its durability and capacity, this box will also wow your guests with its simple yet beautiful design. It’s big enough to hold a ton of gifts but small enough to fit on a table at the reception hall without taking up too much space—and it will look good next to those white tablecloths (or any other color).

Plus, no extra decorations are needed! The money gift box is eye-catching enough on its own once assembled. Just place the fun, festive card sign in front. Voila, you’ve got yourself an elegant setup. It’s perfect for (family) weddings, birthdays, baby showers, or even graduation parties. There is also a gold wedding money gift box for the bride in the same style.

5. Christmas Money Gift Box Ideas

If you are looking for money gift boxes for the upcoming holiday season, these cash gift boxes (24 boxes in one pack) might be right up your alley. The Christmas-themed designs include snowflakes, dollar signs, a Christmas tree, gifts, and Santa Clause himself on the box. And each money gift box has a clear window for viewing cash inside, making it look adorable and functional.

The box is small enough to fit in your purse but large enough to hold a few bills. You can use them to give money to friends, family members, co-workers, and even your neighbors! They are excellent for cash gifts and candy, chocolates, and other small items. You can put them in stockings or under Christmas trees.

When it comes time for gifting money this holiday season, don’t forget about these awesome boxes! They’ll bring smiles when given out by someone special like yourself.

6. Wooden Money Gift Box Holder

A puzzle box is a great way to hide money inside since it’s more fun and mysterious than simply putting the money in a card or envelope. Made of natural wood, this brain teaser is sturdy and decorative, making it an ideal gift for your favorite puzzler. The clear design lets your recipient see their bill (or another prize) inside, motivating them to solve the puzzle and get the gift.

Insert a dollar bill, flat ticket, or even a gift card (just the right size) into the money gift box. It’s up to you if you give instructions or just let your friends and family have fun figuring out how it works by themselves. Whether they get it in seconds or spend hours staring at it, trying to find a way in, this bill-shaped box will undoubtedly be memorable and make them happy.

This wooden money gift box is an excellent option if you are looking for presents for your family and friends for Christmas, birthdays, housewarming parties, or wedding occasions.

7. Surprise Money Gift Box

This money pull-out flower gift box is a beautiful and innovative way to give money. It comes in a sturdy wooden board with an elegant black finish and a matching bow, along with 30 empty bags for inserting cash. The LED lights inside make the soap roses look stunning and set the scene in the evening. 

And the transparent lid allows the recipient to see all these fantastic features at once. And just when they think they’ve seen everything, then surprise! The recipient will have lots of fun unwrapping the bow, removing the gift card, and pulling out the hidden cash. 

This luxurious money gift box is perfect for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, or other special occasions. You can give it to your wife, girlfriend, or mother—anyone who appreciates a well-designed gift that comes straight from the heart.

8. Fun Money Gift Box With Spider Inside

This spider prank box is the perfect money gift box for anyone who likes to have fun, play pranks, or enjoy a good laugh. The particular wooden box is deceptively simple but incredibly effective.

You can hide the cash, gift card, or other small presents inside for a more memorable surprise. When the recipient opens the lid, a soft rubber spider “jumps” out and makes an ideal gag gift for children and adults. It will also make a great conversation piece in your home.

Designed to look as realistic as possible (with wiggly legs and all), this prank box will get some laughs—and maybe even some screams. If your recipient is not too afraid of spiders, this is a fun way to give them money.

9. Amazon Money Gift Box

Featuring the inspirational phrase “Make Your Dreams Happen” printed on the glass front, this wooden shadow box frame is a durable and lightweight money gift box with a wide slot for bills and coins. A simple twist-tab system on the back makes it easy to remove when it’s time to cash in. And if you’re not sure what image you want to decorate the background of your piggy bank, there are five fun options available, or you can personalize it with a photo of your own.

This money box is perfect for gifting, especially for people who are just starting their careers or are trying to accomplish some new goals in life. The transparent glass front offers constant motivation to see their progress as they get closer and closer to reaching their financial goals. It is functional and serves as a decorative piece that can easily fit any room decor. 

We also have more piggy bank options specifically made to help your friends or family reach their financial goals. Don’t forget to check them out.

Money Gift Box FAQ

What Is A Good Way To Give Money As A Gift?

If you want to give cash as a gift, but aren’t sure how to do so, here are some clever ways to gift money creatively. These methods are fast, easy, and save you time and frustration.

One creative way to gift cash is to put it in a money puzzle box or money maze box. The recipient needs to figure out how to open it in order to release the green inside. It’s like winning a mini-game before getting their prize. Many people enjoy the challenge of opening these boxes and the satisfaction of figuring out how to solve their puzzles.

Another popular option is hiding money in a piggy bank so that the recipient can receive two gifts (a well-made piggy bank and the secret cash inside) at the same time. Piggy banks come in different shapes, sizes, and forms, allowing you to choose the best one that suits your giftee’s preference. For example, you can get a lovely unicorn piggy bank for the unicorn lover in your life or an adorable elephant coin bank for your elephant-obsessed friend.

Or put the cash together with something small and sentimentally valuable, like seashells from your childhood beach trips or buttons from your grandmother’s collection of antique clothing supplies. You can also put pieces of candy around it or anything else that will build up excitement around finding the surprise. The recipient will love this thoughtful little gesture more than anything else on Earth!

You can even create an origami creation out of bills. Be sure not to let the recipient see what you’re making until it’s done! Google is your best friend here. There are many examples online, depending on how ambitious you want to get.

When wrapped in a creative manner, money gifts are great for upcoming birthday parties, graduations, or other special occasions. Although being creative with wrapping your money gift is essential, it doesn’t stop there. You can also choose a sweet card and write a heartfelt message. It even helps to put some thought into where you’ll be handing over the present. Don’t just hand it over at any old time; pick an occasion like during dinner out or when everyone’s gathered around on Christmas morning at home so that everyone can witness the magic moment together!

How Do You Roll Money Into A Gift Box?

You can follow these simple steps to roll your money into a gift box. 

  1. Roll the money up tightly.
  2. Use a rubber band to hold it in place.
  3. Place the cash in the money gift box, where it will settle down nicely with its contents snug in place.
  4. Close the box, and don’t forget to remove any price tags.
  5. Wrap the box with decorative paper (note: it’s best to use diagonal folds when wrapping a rectangular or similarly shaped form). You’ll probably need extra tissue paper or filler to have your recipient tug on it for suspense—but no peeking until then! If you’re having trouble thinking of how to wrap, check out YouTube tutorials or Pinterest boards on gift wrapping to get some inspiration.
  6. Add a bow on top, tie one around all four sides (think like an actual present), or decorate your package in any way that looks pretty. 

How Do You Make A Money Pull Box?

While the idea of creating your own money gift box is simple, getting it done effectively requires some planning. You want a box that will securely hold the gift inside and make it easy for the recipient to open during their special day. Here’s what you need to know.

First things first: Determining what kind of box to use as your money gift box base. You can check the ones made from a tissue box or some other cardboard with a secret drawer to put the money in. If you can find a special box that means something to the recipient, it’s even better! Just make sure there is enough room in the box to insert and remove bills easily. Otherwise, it’s time to get creative and DIY.

Make it sparkly! Decorate the outside of your box with paint, glitter, curling ribbons, stickers—anything you want. To make things simple and easy but still look fun and enticing, you can use wrapping paper, ribbons, and other materials sitting around the house!

Create the pull mechanism. Start by getting your paper bills, a pack of ice bags, and scotch tape ready. Then place the money into the bag (one bill for each bag) and use the tape to seal the bags. After that, use the tape again to connect each bag, roll the money tight and ensure the plastic wrap stays flat. Once finished, cut one side of a toilet paper tube and put the money roll inside.

Should You Put Money In A Money Gift Box?

Money gift boxes are a fun alternative to handing over a wad of bills or putting cash into an envelope. And you can use them for pretty much any occasion where gifting money is appropriate. Pre-made money gift boxes come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s sure to be something that fits your needs and tastes perfectly. You can create or buy one from Amazon to show your thoughtfulness and love for the recipient.

Money Gift Box Ideas

So there you have it—money gift boxes for various special occasions, from weddings and graduations to birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas. Whether you need something elegant, practical, or fun, money gift boxes will please any person receiving them!

And most importantly, these boxes don’t cost much but will make the recipient feel special.

You may also want to take a look at our list of budget-friendly gift ideas (gifts for Starbucks lovers and unicorn lovers, money bath bombs, etc.) if you are looking for ways to save money while gifting your loved ones. 

For more inspiration on simple ways to save money and earn extra cash, you can follow Create Earn Live here on Pinterest.

We hope this list of money gift boxes has helped you find the perfect money gift box for your loved one.

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