How to Sell on Fiverr for Beginners 2023 | Fiverr New Seller Tips

Fiverr New Seller Tips: How to make money on Fiverr
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Fiverr is one of the most popular platforms for freelancers to make money online.

This article will show you the actionable Fiverr new seller tips for beginners.

👉 This is a detailed Fiverr beginner guide. Feel free to bookmark this post so you can review the Fiverr new seller tips anytime and get the ball rolling.

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services, founded in 2010. It is an excellent platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide.

In addition, it is free to register and sell.

How To Become A Seller On Fiverr

How To Set Up A Fiverr Seller Account

If you want to become a seller on Fiverr, you need to create a seller account first. Click here to join.

Join Fiverr As A Seller: How to create a seller account on Fiverr
Join Fiverr As A Seller

Verify Your Identity

When you start selling on Fiverr, you can expect to receive an email with guided steps on ID verification at some point.

It is a necessary step for new sellers on Fiverr. It is usually requested when you start to generate earnings.

If you don’t verify your identity,your account will be restricted, and you can’t receive new orders.

My advice is to do it when you receive the email.

If your Fiverr ID verification is failed, try to use a different browser, clear the cache, turn off the VPN (if any), and try it again.

Still not working? You can contact Fiverr support.

What To Sell On Fiverr

If you don’t know what to sell, you can first browse the categories or check the trending services.

You might find some categories that fit your skillsets. 

How to make money on Fiverr with Fiverr gigs
What To Sell On Fiverr

For example, here are some lucrative types of jobs on Fiverr. 

  • Graphic Design 
  • Translation 
  • Copywriting 
  • Website Building 
  • Social Media Marketing 

If you are unsure what services to offer, think about 

  • what you are interested
  • what’s available and trending on Fiverr
  • how much time it takes to complete an order 

In the meantime, you can take the Fiverr FREE course on how to be a seller on Fiverr.

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Fiverr Tips For Beginners

What is a Fiverr Gig?

A service a seller offers on Fiverr is called a gig.

Can You Have Multiple Gigs On Fiverr?

Yes. You can create a maximum of 7 Gigs as a new seller on Fiverr.

When you become a Level 1 seller, you can create up to 10 active Gigs.

If you are a Level 2 seller, you can have 20active Gigs.

And if you reach theTop Rated Seller Level (the highest status), you can create up to 30 active Gigs.

Write an Eye-Catching Gig

If you are new to Fiverr, it’s wise to check out what your competitors are doing and how they describe their gigs so you can have a better idea of drafting your gig.

You could use filters to choose the top 5 to 10 bestsellers and create a similar title and SEO title.

Use Search Tags

Do the research and check what your competitors are using. Then write up to five relevant search tags for your service.

Think of Pricing

👉 Pro Tip: Don’t price higher than the market price when you have no orders yet.

As a new seller on Fiverr, getting your first order and receiving positive feedback are important. It is ok to start low; you can work your way up.

Use Keywords

Try to write the keywords in all of your descriptions, including your pricing list, title, gig description, and profile. Synonyms are also helpful.

Don’t overdo it. Otherwise, the system will show errors.

Add Extra Services

Extra services could generate more earnings, such as adding fast delivery or additional revision depending on your gigs.

Describe your Offer on Fiverr

Describe your offer clearly, so your potential buyers know what your service is about.

You can write up to 1200 characters. Note that space and punctuation also count as a character.

👉 Pro Tip: Use bullet points, space, lines, numbers, highlights, and italics to organize your ideas, so buyers can read and scan your gigs.

Write FAQ

The FAQ feature is useful as it will prevent you from answering the same questions.

Besides, you can add more information that you can’t fit in the description section because of the limited word count.

Write Questions in the Requirements Section

Make sure you get everything ready before starting the work. Kindly ask the buyer for more information in this section.

It’s essential for new buyers on Fiverr. Sometimes, people give vague requests, and it’s your responsibility to clarify the confusion.

You can upload the most relevant and high-quality video, 3 images (JPEG, JPG, PNG), audios, and 2 PDFs per gig.

According to the Fiverr Gig Image Policy, your Fiverr gig image size should be at least 550 pixels width x 370 pixels height.

As for Fiverr gig video size (width and height), there is no explicit instruction. I have uploaded my video at 1600*1076. It looked fine.

Just make sure your video is no longer than 75 seconds and less than 50MB. Only mp4 and AVI file formats are allowed. And the video must be in landscape mode.

Don’t know where to find visual aids? I got you covered.

Here are a few free visual aids websites:


Note that Canva is also a design tool that allows you to edit and beautify your Fiverr images and videos.

Promote Your Gigs

When you start selling on Fiverr, share the gigs using the share button on your gig page to boost your exposure and sales.

How to share your Fiverr gig on social media

Additionally, proudly tell all your friends and family members about your business.

Good things deserve to be shared. The more people know the existence of your gigs on Fiverr, the more chances you can generate traffic to your pages, especially for new sellers.

Create 7 Different Gigs

As a new seller on Fiverr, it takes a bit of time to test the market and figure out which gig is the best selling for you. So creating more gigs could help you find out the answer.

You can make changes accordingly based on the statistics provided by Fiverr (which I will talk about more in detail later).

Upload a Professional Profile Picture

A professional profile photo could attract more buyers to click on it because potential buyers would love to know who they are doing business with.

Check the Buyer Requests Section

What Is The Buyer Requests Section?

The Buyer Requests section is for buyers who plan to make purchases. They create requests, and Fiverr sellers can approach potential buyers with attractive offers.

How To Get Buyer Requests On Fiverr

Note that you don’t need a Fiverr buyer request link. Simply go to your seller account, click More, and you can find the Buyer Requests section.

How to get an order on Fiverr as a new seller using Buyer Requests
How To Get Buyer Requests On Fiverr

As a seller on Fiverr, you can send up to 10 offers per day to different buyers in the Buyer Requests section.A custom offer will increase the chances of getting hired.

You can be more initiative by checking the section two or three times a day.

Sometimes, you may get a response immediately from urgent requests.

Alternatively, you can create a gig about the service they’re requesting, which will help get more attention to your account and gigs.

💡 Note: Fiverr doesn’t create any of the buyers’ requests. Instead, genuine buyers write them. If you find your Fiverr Buyer Requests empty, maybe the categories you have chosen don’t have many demands at that very moment. 

🌟 Pro Tip: You can create multiple gigs in different categories to see more buyer requests. 

How To Write The Best Buyer Request Proposal On Fiverr 

Don’t know how to respond to a buyer request on Fiverr? Try these tips.

  1. Check the most recent requests and the number of already-sent offers. If there are too many offers, it could be too competitive for beginners. So drop it for now unless you really want to try.
  2. Read the buyer’s request carefully and understand the buyer’s needs. 
  3. Send a custom offer including price, timeframe, service description, and other features that could make you stand out (such as similar work experience to the job post and high-quality work). Make it simple and clear.

Most often, potential buyers wouldn’t take your offer right away. They will contact you first for future details. So make sure your custom offer is enticing to make them initiate the chat with you.

Respond as Quickly as Possible

Fiverr App

Did you know there is a Fiverr app that you can use on your mobile device?

You can now receive messages when you are away from a computer.

Don’t forget to toggle on the seller mode on your Fiverr app.

How To Check Gig Impressions On Fiverr App

  1. Open your Fiverr app. 
  2. Click the house icon. 
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and view the impressions under the Statistics section for the last seven days. 

When you receive a message on Fiverr, what can you do to double your chances of converting a sale?

Here are the tips that I use to convert a sale. 

  1. Reply to the message as soon as possible. 
  2. Understand what the buyer is looking for (the pain points, concerns, and problems). If it’s not clear, communicate with the buyer. 
  3. Answer the buyer’s questions and be personal. Make sure you know if the buyer only wants free consultation or makes a purchase (analyze the conversation). 
  4. List the buyer’s requests and confirm with the buyer.
  5. Mirror the length of the chat. 
  6. Send a custom offer when the buyer is ready. Don’t send an offer without permission.
  7. Gather all the necessary information before starting to work.
  8. Don’t offer work for free. 

Fiverr Response Rate

If you find your Fiverr response rate dropping, it indicates you haven’t responded to messages within 24 hours in the 60 days window. Make sure you respond to every message promptly after that.

Buyers might send the same request to a couple of sellers at the same time. So if you respond promptly, it is highly likely to get the order. Of course, your well-drafted offer matters as well.

Fiverr tips for sellers: Communicate with your buyers effectively


Reporting a message as spam is also considered a response to a message. If the message is already reported as spam when you receive it, it is unnecessary to respond.

Buyer Account

If you send a buyer’s request under your buyer’s account, you don’t have to reply to all offers, and not responding to those potential sellers should not be counted against your response rate.

So if your response rate drops because of this, you can contact Fiverr Support.

Deliver on Time

Make sure you deliver work on time or even earlier than expected.

If you know you can’t meet the deadline or need to gather more information from a buyer; you can request an extended delivery through the Fiverr Resolution Center.

If the buyer is not responsive, feel free to contact Fiverr support.

When the project takes more than three or five days to finish, I’d like to send my customer a mid-order checkpoint to show that the project is progressing nicely.

Sometimes, buyers will confirm the order after completion. Or, your order will be automatically marked as complete by Fiverr after three days if there is no revision request from the buyer.

Avoid Cancellation

It is highly recommended to communicate with your buyer in order to avoid any kind of cancellation.

Not only does cancellation hurts your order completion rate on Fiverr, but you will not get paid for your effort.

Note that buyers have the right to request revisions and reject the delivery at any time if they are not satisfied with your work.

Even the order is marked as complete, they can still get a full refund. Not good, I know.


I usually double-check with the buyer about the work requirements to avoid confusion and misunderstanding before placing an order.

If you are not sure about something, talk to your buyer and make it crystal clear so that you will have enough information to deliver the order successfully.

Some new buyers might get confused with the service they need, so a written record could serve as proof to protect you if there is a dispute. 

On top of that, buyers may add extra services in the Requirements section without noticing you. Ensure to check the section before performing a task.

Don’t be afraid to request additional fees for extra work that is not included in the original service, or kindly remind the buyer of what has been covered in the service.

Have Mutual Cancellation

You can request a mutual cancellation through the Fiverr Resolution Centre on the Orders page and then contact the buyer to accept the cancellation.

The order will be canceled by mutual agreement, and refunds will be returned to the buyer.

I know it is frustrating for a time like this, but it is still better to cancel an order than to have a negative review or dissatisfied customer later.

Fiverr Order Completion Rate

The cancellation rate, an automated process, includes all cancellations (such as mutual cancellations).

As long as you complete 90% of your orders over the last 60 days, it should not negatively affect your current level and account.

The figure is only measured for the past 60 days, so over 60 days, your order completion rate percentage will be updated.

How To Calculate Order Completion Rate On Fiverr

The order completion rate calculation: (Total Completed Orders÷Total Orders In The Last 60 Days)*100.

For example, say you have 30 orders in the past 60 days, and 3 were canceled, so you have completed 27 orders, and your order completion rate is 90%.

🌟 Note: Revision requests will not affect your order completion rate.

How to Increase Order Completion Rate on Fiverr

  1. Complete all orders on time.
  2. Contact buyers before, during, and after the order is delivered for a smooth work process.
  3. Reduce the number of cancellations by checking the requests with the buyer beforehand.
  4. Control the maximum queued orders so that you don’t fail to meet the deadline. 

Read Terms of Service – How To Use Fiverr As A Seller

When you start selling on Fiverr, I recommend spending some time reading the Terms of Service so you canunderstand how Fiverr works for beginners.

If you consistently violate the TOS (trust me, it’s easier than you think), your account might get suspended. Or even worse, your hard-earned money couldn’t be withdrawn.

We don’t want that, so learn the Fiverr dos and don’ts and play by the rules.

Get More Positive Feedback

One of the best Fiverr new seller tips is to get more positive reviews. Even one great review will increase the chances of getting hired.

Deliver what you have promised and follow up with your buyer in order to get positive reviews.

Some private buyers wouldn’t respond to your message or leave a comment. I normally move on if that is the case.

Suppose you want ten positive reviews on your profile; you probably need to get 20 offers or more to reach this number of comments.

Don’t force, push or ask them directly to give you a positive review because it violates Fiverr’s policy.

What Is Live Portfolio on Fiverr?

The live portfolio is a feature that shows the work (uploaded images/videos) you have done on Fiverr to potential buyers on your gig images.

The Fiverr live portfoliois on by default, so ensure you don’t accidentally turn it off.

You can find it in your Gigs section by simply clicking on the drop-down icon next to a gig.

Make sure your Fiverr live portfolio is on
Fiverr Live Portfolio

When an order is delivered, a buyer can choose to mark on a button ‘Include it to portfolio.’

Keep an Eye on the Overall Statistics

Let’s first know a few important terms.

What Does Impressions Mean On Fiverr?

Fiverr impressions mean how many people have seen your gig on the pages somewhere on Fiverr.

What Does Clicks Mean On Fiverr?

Clicks mean how many people have clicked on your page.


Conversion is the total number of orders you get from the clicks on your actual gig page.

Fiverr Gig Status Check

If you want to check your gig performance, you can find your active gig status under the Analytics tab on your seller account.

Plus, the Fiverr dashboard helps you keep track of your orders via your response rate, your percentage of orders delivered on time, your percentage of completed orders, and more.

These are important figures to consider when making changes to your gigs. You can edit and update your gigs periodically based on the stats.

For example, if you have 1000 impressions with few clicks, you might want to change the image, rephrase the gig title, and edit the starting price. Or, perhaps you can make a relevant and entertaining video to stand out from the crowd.

Also, it is not a bad idea to consider changing your services if the current ones are not working out.

Use Quick Responses 

This feature is a time-saving tool, and I love it so much.

You can write down responses to predicted questions when you start selling on Fiverr. If you can’t think of many, you can always add more later.

Note that this is different from the FAQ section because you can actively send the pre-made responses to your buyers within a few clicks.

How To Send A Custom Offer On Fiverr

Your package plans may not cover all the service fees, but a custom offer provides more options. Plus, it is more convenient for first-time buyers to place an order.

How To Create An Offer On Fiverr

1. Go to Message, click on Create an Offer, and choose a gig first if you have multiple gigs.

2. Choose how you would like to get paid: Single Payment or Milestones.

3. Describe your offer.

4. Define the terms of your offer and what it includes. Write the services with bullet points to avoid confusion.

5. Send the offer.

Get Involved

Don’t miss out on the Fiverr forum if you are looking for more resources and information about Fiverr.

Seasoned sellers are sharing their best tips and tricks there.

Besides, you can follow Fiverr on social media (such as Facebook) so that you won’t miss any big promotions, policy updates, or improvements.

Join Fiverr Affiliates

Fiverr Affiliates is the Fiverr affiliate program.

Everyone is welcome to join Fiverr affiliates for FREE. It is easy to set up an affiliate account.

Exciting news

You can earn up to $150 for every first-time buyer you bring in.

You will also earn a commission of 10% of your sub-affiliates revenues (a two-tier program).

Read more to learn how to earn big with Fiverr Affiliates here.

Contact Fiverr Support

Suppose you have a question or concern that you can’t find a satisfactory answer on the internet, then you can contact Fiverr support.

Based on their automatic reply, it normally takes around 12 hours to reply to you, but it is usually quite fast from my personal experience.

Different Issues

Access Issue

If your Fiverr page shows access denied, don’t get panic. There are many factors to cause this issue, and you can try the following tips to rule out the causes.

  1. Try other devices (such as a mobile phone) first.
  2. Uninstall the application, reboot your phone, and reinstall the updated Fiverr application on the App Store.
  3. Use another browser.
  4. Clear your browser cache and cookies.
  5. Try to use an incognito mode to log in.
  6. Turn off VPN if it is on.
  7. Disable all browser extensions (e.g., AdBlock and Super Simple Auto Refresh).
  8. Contact Customer Support if you have already tried all the points above.

Search Results

Your gigs would appear on Fiverr when published. If you can’t find your gigs on Fiverr, use different keywords and filters to check.

Note that search results usually appear differently for individuals, depending on their preferences. Gigs change positions on the site frequently, so each seller will have a chance to get inquires. 

It is also normal to see new sellers placed next to level 1 or 2 sellers.

Order Placement

Buyers can place an order without contacting you and then expect completion, even you have requested buyers to contact you before placing an order in your description. It happened to me a couple of times.

When this happens, you can reach out to the buyers and kindly ask them for more information or add additional fees if needed.

Alternatively, if you don’t think you can take the job, you can request a cancelation and contact customer support if necessary.

Safety Concerns

Fiverr will automatically filter some potential spam messages to the spam box. You could also check the buyer’s profile to see the reviews and negative feedback before proceeding further.

For example, if a buyer’s profile is empty and you feel uncomfortable after a conversation or have any doubts, report the buyer or mark the message as spam.

Fiverr Extensions

I hadn’t known these extensions existed before people asked me, so I did a bit of research.

Best Auto Refresh Extension For Fiverr

I have seen people using the auto-refresh extension called Super Simple Auto Refresh.

Fiverr Auto Reply Extension

Thisextension helps generate an auto-response to new buyers while you are offline. 

Fiverr Buyer Details Extension

Before making offers, this extension shows you your clients’ details (Fiverr buyer’s name and previous feedback).

I personally don’t use these extensions, but I have checked with the Fiverr support team. 

Here is their answer: 

Response from Fiverr regarding the Fiverr auto reply extension and Fiverr buyer details extension

Note: The Fiverr Auto Reply extension, Fiverr Buyer Details extension, and theAuto Refresh extension are not designed by Fiverr, and Fiverr doesn’t recommend using any kind of extension. 

How to Withdraw Money from Fiverr

Your funds become available 14 days after orders are marked as completed.

When your personal balance is available to withdraw on Fiverr, you can go to your seller account > Earnings.

Fiverr Withdrawal Methods:

  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer (Payoneer)
  • Fiverr Revenue Card

Select the option you would like to use to withdraw your funds, click on the button, and then follow the instructions to make your withdrawal.

If the rectangular boxes are grey, you can’t make the withdrawal. 

Can't withdraw your personal balance on Fiverr

You can withdraw when the boxes change colors like the image below.

How to withdraw funds from Payoneer on Fiverr

As for Bank transfers, the Fiverr minimum withdrawal amount to your bank account (Payoneer) is $20. And the minimum withdrawal with the Fiverr Revenue Card is $30.

Note: Fiverr charges a 20% service fee on every completed order. The money will be automatically deducted before the withdrawal.

Fiverr Withdraw Limit: Be aware that you can withdraw only once in 24 hours and up to $5,000 each time; otherwise, you will fail to withdraw and receive a notice like this.

Withdrawal Failed On Fiverr
Withdrawal Failed On Fiverr

How To Withdraw Money From The Fiverr Buyer Account

Buyers can’t withdraw money from a Fiverr account. Only sellers can.

If you cancel an order as a buyer, your refund will be deposited in your Fiverr balance, and you can use the money for further purchases.

However, you can request a refund (the order amount and service fee) if you want a direct refund.

A Little Bit More…

Fiverr Buyer Account

Just in case if you ever want to use your Fiverr buyer account, here are a few Fiverr tips for buyers.

👉 There is no need for a new Fiverr buyer account sign-up. You only need to switch your Fiverr seller account to your buyer account.

How To Send A Buyer Request On Fiverr

If you want to send a buyer request on Fiverr, you can follow the three steps. 

  1. Switch to your Fiverr buyer account. 
  2. Click your profile icon and find ‘Post a Request.’ 
  3. Fill out the request form and click the Submit Request button. 

How To Write Effective Buyer Request On Fiverr

Try the following tips to write an effective buyer request to reach the right seller. 

Be clear about what service you are looking for. 

For example, you can start with your detailed buyer request with the wording: 

  • I’m looking for…
  • I want to purchase…

Be concise. 

As a Fiverr seller, it’s a headache for me to read lengthy requests without bullet points and paragraphs.

If you are anything like me, don’t do that when you are a buyer.

I understand some projects are more complicated than a few sentences. If you have a lot to say, why not add a link or attach a document to show more?

Be professional and follow Fiverr’s Terms of Service. 

Don’t leave your contact information and ask for sample work for free, as these are against Fiverr’s rules. 

On top of that, $5 is the minimum purchase price of a Gig. 

Don’t write entirely in block capitals. 

It’s ok to get attention using capital letters for a few words. But it’s not necessary to write everything in capitals. 

Not only it’s hard to read, but it sounds rude and desperate. 

How Much Fiverr Deduct From Buyer

As of March 2021, Fiverr charges services fees (5.5% of the purchase amount) when you accept an order. If your purchase amount is under $50, you must pay an additional $2 small order fee.

What Is Fiverr Select Buyer?

Fiverr Select is a buyer loyalty program, formally known as the Very Important Doer (V.I.D) program.

It’s free to join. When you have made 10 separate orders with the total amount of $500 or more, you will be invited. And your buyer’s profile will come up with a crown badge.

As a Fiverr Select buyer, you can enjoy many exclusive benefits and support for your business.

FAQ –Fiverr New Seller Tips

Can you make a lot of money on Fiverr?

It is possible, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient, keep learning and enjoy the process. Feel free to check out some success stories on the internet; most of them have been on this platform for years. 

What percentage does Fiverr take From Sellers?

The Fiverr fees for sellers are 20% of every order you make. For example, if you earn $30, you will get $24 after the deduction. The commission fee applies to tips as well. Yes, you can get tips if your buyer is happy with your work.

Can a seller cancel an order?

Yes, you can. Go to the Orders page and click on the Visit the Resolution Center, then submit the requested information.

Which one is better, cancel an order on Fiverr or get a bad rating?

Try to avoid both if possible. Note that only you can see the canceled orders on your dashboard. In contrast, bad ratings and negative reviews will permanently stay on your profile as long as your account is active, even if you have deleted the gig.

I have received a warning from Fiverr recently. Will that affect my account?

A warning will not limit your account activity. The purpose of a warning is to raise awareness of the Fiverr dos and don’ts on the platform.

I have got this 7/30 shown on my Days Without Warnings. Does that mean I have got 7 warnings?

No, it doesn’t mean that. Days Without Warnings means the number of days without getting a warning. In this case, 7/30 refers to the number of days that have passed since your last warning was received.

Is Fiverr Good For Beginners?

Yes, especially if you have a skill in demand. The platform is easy to use and free to join. Fiverr also has a dedicated support team to help you grow. The most important thing is there is no money risk on you.

Final Thoughts on Fiverr Seller Tips for Beginners

Selling on Fiverr is a great experience. I hope the Fiverr tips and tricks for beginners could help you know how to sell on Fiverr.

Enjoy freelancing, follow the Fiverr guide for beginners, and keep trying different strategies; you will get your first order sooner or later.

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What Fiverr new seller tips do you have? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. Don’t forget to share it and connect with me on Pinterest.

How to work on Fiverr for beginners

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