Grammarly Affiliate Program Review 2023 (Get Grammarly premium For FREE)

Become a Grammarly affiliate
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Did you know you can earn money by joining the Grammarly affiliate program?

Yes, you can.

Making money without a website as a Grammarly affiliate is also possible if you have enough subscribers, viewers, or followers on your social media platforms.

Keep reading to find out how. 

What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly is one of the world’s leading online writing tools that aims to perfect your written English.

It is ideal for all types of users, including but not limited to bloggers, college students, professionals, and educators.

You can check out the best Grammarly review here to learn Grammarly’s unique advanced features and how Grammarly can significantly impact your life. 

Why Grammarly Affiliate Program

There are so many benefits forGrammarly Affiliates. Let’s have a close look.

Best Payout Rates

💰 You can earn up to $0.20 per FREE registration/download and $20 for a premium upgrade.

Unlike most affiliate programs that you have to generate sales to make money, you get paid for every free sign-up.

Awesome, right! 

Note: If someone clicks on one of your links on a mobile device, it will be automatically redirected to a link to download Grammarly to their device. Depending on the user’s geographic location and the type of device (IOS or Android), you might get paid a bit more or a bit less for the free download.

The Grammarly affiliate program is a must-have if you have just started blogging.

High Conversion Rates (20%-30%)

There is tons of positive feedback from millions of current customers. In addition, it is used by reputable companies and prestigious universities like Princeton University in the USA.

So chances of signing up with the free and premium plans are much higher. 

Outstanding Services

Unlike other affiliate programs, you get paid for free registration.

It is a great deal because it is not that challenging to get people to sign up for free, provided that they know the value of Grammarly.

It is more convincing to promote if you are familiar with Grammarly’s outstanding services and advanced features because your readers would love to read your Grammarly review.

High Performance-Based Bonus 

The Grammarly affiliate program provides increased payout tiers, which means the more sales you generate, the more you earn. 

🥳 Exciting News

– Generate $2000 in sales/month and receive a $200 bonus

– Get $4000 in sales/month and receive a $400 bonus

– Earn $8000 in sales/month and receive an $800 bonus

What’s more, if you are a website owner, you can receive regular performance incentives and cash bonuses as a Grammarly affiliate.

Convincing enough? Join today and start earning.

Want more? Continue reading.

You will get a commission as long as the customer purchases a plan from your affiliate link in 90 days.

Three months is long enough to know a product well and purchase an upgrade compared to a 24-hour or 60-day cookie duration. 

Free Sign-Up

It takes less than 60 seconds to sign up at no cost. Why wait?

Content Creation Bonus after Joining the Grammarly Affiliate Program

After joining the Grammarly affiliate program, you can write a post with a banner to receive a $25 activation bonus.

Note that you will need to meet the minimum $100 threshold to receive the Content Creation Bonus according to Grammarly’s latest policy. In the past, you could receive the$25 bonus after writing a post (without meeting the minimum threshold).

When you write the content, make sure you meet the following requirements.

  • The piece has to be honest from your own view. 
  • You need to talk about Grammarly in a professional and relevant manner. 
  • Since you are promoting a writing tool, double-check your punctuation, grammar, and spelling. 

Once they accept your content link, the $25 bonus will be in your account during your next payment cycle.

Free One-Month Upgrade – Get Grammarly Premium For FREE

You can apply for the FREE one-month upgrade to a Premium Account when you have your Grammarly affiliate account.

Simply create a free account and send an email to the affiliate team about the address you used to register.

You can wait (it usually takes several days) for the Grammarly affiliate team to approve your Free Premium account, and then you can benefit from all the advanced features.

Promotional Materials –Grammarly Affiliate Marketing

Wondering where to get your Grammarly affiliate link?

When you log into yourGrammarly affiliate account, you can access your unique affiliate links, banner ads, program terms, and co-branded landing pages.

Professional Grammarly Affiliate Support

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to contact the Grammarly affiliate team.

They are always happy to help. 

How to Join the Grammarly Affiliate Program

You can join the Grammarly affiliate program through CJ, ShareASale, or

I recommend ShareASale. It’s one of the most popular affiliate marketing networks, founded in 2000.

Besides, it has many more affiliate programs apart from the GrammarlyAffiliate Program for you to generate more income.

How to Promote Your Grammarly Affiliate Link

Here are a few steps that you can quickly use to start promoting. 

If you have signed up with ShareASale, you could get your Grammarly affiliate link once logged in.

You can also use the Pretty Links plugin (The free version is good to go) to beautify the link (your choice).

For example, Your link (Before):

Your link (After): https://your domain name/grammarly

As you can see, the link is cleaner and shorter using Pretty Links.

Write a Blog Post

You can write a blog post about Grammarly on your website.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the one-month FREE premium account to proofread your post. You can also read my Grammarly review to get more inspiration.  

Learn how to start a blog in a few steps.

Use Resources Page

The resources page is helpful to let your visitors find the most useful tips and tools.

Add Grammarly to your Resources Page so readers can easily find it.

Build an Email List

Email marketing is a personal way to connect with your audience.

You can build an email list and incorporate Grammarly into your email content.

As for email service providers, I recommend ConvertKit.

Spread the Word On Social Media

Create content with your affiliate links on social media platforms like Pinterest and Facebook. 

Share with the World

Share the links with your friends, family, colleagues, or anyone who wants to write with confidence via email or text messages. 

Grammarly Affiliate Payment Method

There are three ways to accept payments from Grammarly.

  • Wire transfer
  • Direct Deposit 
  • Check  

Note: The Grammarly affiliate payment threshold is $100.

You will get paid on the 15th of each month, but the first Grammarly affiliate payout is made on the 25th.

Only wire transfer is available outside the US. However, wire transfer could be complicated regarding the minimum withdrawal amount and requested documents, depending on your country and the local bank.

The easiest way I have found is to apply for the Grammarly affiliate program on ShareASale, so you can connect your Payoneer account to withdraw your money.

Final Thoughts – Grammarly Affiliate Program

Not only Grammarly could play a significant role in your writing journey, but you can make a meaningful income with the Grammarly Affiliate Program.

Either way, you win. 

Know how to make money with affiliate marketing (the Ultimate Guide); read here.

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I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to share it on your favorite social media platforms. 

What affiliate programs did you join? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you. 😊

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