21 Best Elephant Piggy Bank Ideas (That Will Encourage You To Save)

Best elephant piggy bank ideas for kids and adults
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Believe it or not, saving your spare change in a decorative piggy bank is easy and fun. And if you are elephant-obsessed, you are in luck today. You will find a collection of unique elephants in a piggy bank form. Adults and kids alike will love storing their loose change or allowances in their favorite elephant piggy banks. 

In many cultures, elephants symbolize luck, fortune, health, happiness, and wisdom. And the upraised trunk is often interpreted as a blessing. While inviting all the positive energies to your home, you also secure your financial future by saving more in your elephant money bank. 

Best Elephant Piggy Bank Ideas

When you start your savings plan, you will get rid of these bad money habits along the way painlessly and be more financially confident to deal with whatever life throws at you

Whether buying a cute elephant piggy bank to save money for your next beach vacation or for your kiddo to develop the habit of saving, this list of the best elephant piggy bank ideas will satisfy your needs and wants. 

1. White Ceramic Elephant Piggy Bank

Need an elephant piece to complement your home setting? Add this super cute elephant to your room. There are no colorful decorations, yet the neutral color and detailed designs (sleepy eyes, gray dots, and an upraised trunk) make this elephant piggy bank a functional artwork.

2. Pink Elephant Piggy Bank For Girls

This well-made pink coin bank with cute white polka dots looks adorable as a savings tool. And the shiny glazed ceramic finish makes it an appealing decorative item in your little princess’s room. 

3. Large Gray Indian Elephant Piggy Bank

This handpainted elephant piggy bank is made of strong and durable materials. Its transparent acrylic glass lets you see your savings progress. So you can stay motivated and work towards your money goal. Although retrieving your treasures is not as easy as saving them, it’s not hard either. You just need to unscrew the cap to get the money out, which is a perfect solution to reduce the frequency of raiding your bank.

4. White Elephant Piggy Bank With Crown For Kids

Are you looking for a white elephant piggy bank for your little one? This ceramic elephant coin bank will be a beautiful piece in your child’s room. The little crown with baby blue gems on its head makes it stand out from the crowd instantly without question. Simple yet adorable.

5. Georg Jensen Elephant Piggy Bank (Stainless Steel)

This elephant-shaped piggy bank is made of stainless steel, making it a long-lasting item for your home and office. So there are no more worries about shattering pieces from now on. Two cute oak elephants nest under the silver elephant piggy bank, appealing to kids and adults. The sleek and modern look makes it a perfect gift for yourself, your kiddo, niece, nephew, etc. This elephant money bank is available in two sizes, catering to different needs. 

6. White Geometric Elephant Money Bank For Adults

Unlike other elephant banks, this white elephant with golden tusks shows active movement with one leg off the ground. Its posture signals confidence and calmness, making it a sweet gift for someone special.

7. Big Blue Elephant Piggy Bank

This well-glazed elephant with a glossy finish is an excellent choice for your shelf addition. Its expression shows strength and peace whenever you look at him. It’s hard to know it’s a piggy bank without a closer look. And if you want to buy something nice with your saved money, there is a rubber stopper at the bottom for easy removal.

8. Cute Elephant Coin Bank

This elephant bank could be a timeless gift. This baby elephant coin bank is not just a neat place to collect spare change, but it’s also an attractive shelf addition.

9. Personalized Elephant Piggy Bank

Want a special gift for your friend or family? Check out this personalized elephant piggy bank. You can have a name, initials, or even a meaningful message on the bank. The recipient will be touched when seeing the words or text on the elephant’s body.

10. ceramic Dumbo Elephant Piggy Bank With Large Floppy Ears

Does this silver elephant piggy bank remind you of Dumbo in the Disney movie? Look at those innocent blue eyes and large floppy ears! Dumbo will make you smile effortlessly. You can feed this adorable bank with all your loose change and develop the habit of saving in no time.

11. Cute Elephant Money Bank

Still haven’t decided what to buy for the upcoming baby shower? Perhaps this lovely baby elephant can help you. The well-detailed design with bright colors makes an adorable gift idea.

12. Purple Elephant Piggy Bank

For elephant fans, would you like a purple elephant money bank? The appealing look with its trunk facing upwards invites you to save more money and focus on your financial goal. This elegant elephant piggy bank in light purple will fit well in any modern home setting.

13. Novelty Elephant Coin Bank

Want an elephant coin bank with multiple functions? This one will meet your standards. Aside from being an elaborate item and piggy bank, you can also use him as a phone stand. Super cool, huh? You can get him here from Amazon.

14. Gold Balloon Elephant Piggy Bank

It’s safe to say that this gold balloon elephant piggy bank can catch your attention immediately because of its unique design, bright color, and shiny surface. It makes a sweet spot for kids and adults to store their money. Make saving money fun with this playful bank. Snap it up here from Amazon.

15. Antique Cast Iron Elephant Piggy Bank For Adults 

When pressing its tail, this antique elephant coin bank will lift its trunk and put the coin into the back seat. You can empty your pockets and put all your spare change into this mechanical bank when coming back from work. It is handpainted by skillful artisans, serving as a high-quality piece that adds personality to your home. 

16. My First Elephant Piggy Bank For Toddlers

Need the very first piggy bank for your baby? How about this cute elephant piggy bank with a fun message (My First Bank) on its body? The smooth surface is pleasant to touch, and the sweet design is ideal for little fingers to hold it and insert coins.

17. Customizable Elephant Piggy Bank For Kids

It’s such a brilliant idea to let kids paint their first own elephant coin bank. Creative design experience allows children to learn how to save while activating their senses. Start saving from a very young age with their personalized elephant piggy bank.

18. Elephant Coin Bank For Girls

Girls will be inspired to save more coins every time they look at this cute smiley face. This well-made elephant piggy bank has a wide slot that allows multiple coins to drop at the same time. You can even get a pair (pink and blue) for your little girl and boy.

19. Vintage Elephant Piggy Bank

Does this special elephant remind you of a simple life? Its unique artistic personality encourages you to save for your financial future. This money bank could also be a stylish piece that brightens up your home. 

20. Wooden Elephant Piggy Bank For Kids And Adults

This handmade wooden piggy bank featuring a cute elephant is made of Indian rosewood. The beautiful box stores your treasures out of sight. Want to retrieve your money? Simply open the top.

21. Gray Elephant Plush Toy Bank

This gray elephant piggy bank is your child’s cute furry friend and a functional coin bank. The appealing look and super soft texture will make anyone who cuddles it happy.

Awesome Piggy Bank Ideas

I hope you enjoyed this handpicked list of elephant coin banks. With the help of an elephant piggy bank, saving money could be fun and easy for your kid and yourself.

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