13 Fun and Useful Electronic Piggy Bank Ideas

Best electronic piggy bank with lock for kids and adults
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Unlike a traditional ceramic coin bank or a simple digital fund jar, an electronic piggy bank offers many unique features that attract kids and adults. 

For example, some creative innovations have realistic appearances (like an ATM, a car, or an excavator) with lights, sounds, and auto-scroll paper money functions. And other cute animal-themed designs reinforce the idea of saving.

With an electronic piggy bank, saving money is painless and effective for you and your kids.

Before we dive in, make sure you also check out these incredible piggy bank ideas that will encourage you to save more!

Best Electronic Piggy Banks For Adults And Kids

“The habit of saving is itself an education; it fosters every virtue, teaches self-denial, cultivates the sense of order, trains to forethought, and so broadens the mind.” — T.T. Munger

Using an electronic piggy bank to save money at any age brings numerous benefits. 

It inspires you to pay yourself first and spend money within a budget, so you won’t buy things you don’t need and avoid falling into a debt trap

When you shift your financial mindset and find saving is an enjoyable exercise, you can smash your financial goals and start building wealth. 

And if you want to teach your kiddo about money and the importance of saving in a fun way, an electronic piggy bank is a great tool. The high-tech designs help kids learn how to save and protect their money. 

Whether you want an electronic piggy bank as a gift for your kid or you want to save money for your future self, these electronic piggy banks from Amazon will get you started. 

How Do I Unlock My Electronic Piggy Bank If I Forgot My Password?

Wondering “How do I unlock my electronic piggy bank if I forgot my password?” after buying an electronic coin bank?

An electronic piggy bank will usually come with detailed instructions, which will show you how to create a password to open the bank and how to do an electronic piggy bank password reset if you fail to open it. There is no need to break it to open. So don’t panic when that happens.

For example, you can remove the batteries and leave them out for a few minutes (typically five to ten minutes). After that, put the batteries back, and your password will be reset to the default one (e.g., 0000). Note that not every default password is 0000, and the process of resetting a password might vary as well. It is best to follow the instructions. And don’t forget you can always contact the seller for more guidance.

1. Panda Electronic Piggy Bank

This adorable panda money bank makes saving entertaining and exciting. It rewards the habit of saving with cool music, reinforcing the good money habit. The more cash you deposit into the bank, the longer the music (ten different songs) plays. The bank also includes cute kitten stickers to make your panda bank more personal. Kids can easily play with this electronic piggy bank for hours while listening to lovely music. And the unique password feature stops their siblings from “borrowing” money.

2. ATM Electronic Piggy Bank That Counts Coins And Bills

Who said saving money is boring? They probably haven’t tried out this ATM-style digital piggy bank for adults and kids.

The design of this ATM savings bank is based on the modal of a real ATM. You will need a debit card and a secret code to withdraw your saved money. Besides, the digital LCD screen doesn’t just keep track of your balance; it also displays the time and your savings goal. It makes a perfect educational toy to teach older kids financial responsibility. They might be too young to open a savings account, but they can develop healthy financial habits at an early age. Adults will also find this piggy bank that counts coins and bills convenient and playful.

3. Pink Electronic Piggy Bank For Girls

Isn’t it cute to have an electronic piggy bank in pink? Banknotes and coins are welcome to be put into this adorable money bank. And there is no need to worry about others secretly “borrowing” your money, as this little safe requires a unique 4-digit password. You can use the same digits to unlock the bank when retrieving your savings. And it’s easy to perform an electronic piggy bank password reset if you ever forget your code.

It’s a great way to teach your kids the value of saving. This modern ATM-themed money bank is also ideal for adults who want a surprising reward after filling the bank.

4. Cool Electronic Piggy Bank For Adults And Kids

Piggy banks don’t have to shape like a pig to inspire you to save money. This safe-shaped money box in camouflage green is excellent for those excited about having a cool green saving box. The slot in the front is for auto-scrolling paper notes, and the slot on top is for coin collection.

This money box includes a digital password lock for added safety. And like many electronic piggy banks, password reset is easy if forgotten. So rest assured. This secure bank is also available in camouflage blue.

5. Unique Electronic Piggy Bank With Fingerprint

This electronic piggy bank includes a fake fingerprint feature that creates a personal touch and can help kids learn how to protect their money in a fun way. The bill slot on the front automatically rolls paper money into the safe, password-protected money box. And you can drop coins into the slot at the top. This sophisticated modern safe is made of durable plastic material, making it long-lasting.

6. Pink Electronic Money Coin Code Bank with LED Night-Light

This pink electronic piggy bank has some fantastic features that girls will love. Not only can the internal LED night-light change in multiple colors (can serve as a night-light in the dark), but also the house-shaped bank introduces playful music (ten different songs) for excellent engagement and interaction.

The front slot is for cash, and the coin slot is at the back. Your little girl can set a unique password after entering the default code and opening the door in the front. Feel free to restart by taking out the batteries if she forgets the password. This cute design makes a perfect gift for girls. 

7. Electronic Panda Stealing Money Bank

If you want a fun and interactive piggy bank, this one will do it. This cute panda with big, black eyes is attention-grabbing for adults and kids.

Let this panda money bank steal your coins. When you place a coin on the plate with a bamboo shape and then push it, you will hear the cute panda’s warm greeting (“Hello”) with its head up. And soon after that, your money disappears when the panda says thank you. Don’t worry; your coin is safely placed in the cardboard box.

8. Electronic Cat Stealing Coin Bank

This creative cat coin bank will raise its head and say “Hello” whenever your kid places a coin on the button and then presses it. The cute kitten will take the deposited money with its white paw while saying, “Thank you.” Your child will enjoy hours of fun with this interactive piggy bank, feeding the cat with coins and learning the value of saving.

You might also like the cutest Hello Kitty coin banks here.

9. Pokemon Electronic Piggy Bank (Limited Edition)

Is your child a big fan of Pokémon-Go? If so, your kiddo will absolutely love this Pickachu coin bank. It’s adorable to see the Pickachu pop up and hear it make cute sounds when your child drops a coin on the designated spot. It’s a fun way to save money for boys and girls. 

10. Electronic Unicorn Piggy Bank

This can-shaped piggy bank with a cute unicorn design has a relatively large capacity (save over 500 coins/bills), helping your child develop the habit of saving. The music, LED lights, and auto-scroll paper money features are pretty interactive to keep your kid involved. And the carry handle is such a thoughtful design that allows your little one to move around with the secret bank easily. This electronic piggy bank also comes in green (two adorable giraffes) and pink (a cute pony).

If you’re looking for more unicorn piggy banks, you can check out this collection available here.

11. Fun Electronic Piggy Bank For Boys

What’s safer than depositing your bills and coins in a police car? This armored car is a safe piggy bank, a fun toy, and a nice piece of room decor. The automatic bill feeder, working flashing lights, and rolling wheels create an excellent experience for little boys and encourage enthusiastic savers. When the money bank is not being fed, it can be played as a toy car or displayed as a room accessory.

12. Big Electronic Piggy Bank

If you are looking for a novelty piggy bank, this electronic piggy bank shaped like an excavator will win. The moving parts and sound effects will keep your little one engaged for hours. The excavator bank will play music when banknotes and coins are inserted. Apart from using a secret password, the fingerprint feature adds extra protection to the savings. And the high-capacity design also allows your kid to store other small items (like baseball cards and toys). Boys will be super excited to make a deposit in this creative piggy bank.

13. Husan Electronic Piggy Bank

This electronic piggy bank has a decent storage capacity, housing 600 coins or 100 paper money pieces. The cool automatic paper money scroll feature makes saving easy and fun. And if you want to insert coins, you will find the coin entry at the top of the safe box. The non-toxic, robust ABS plastic and modern design make an excellent gift for kids and adults.

FAQ – Electronic Piggy Banks For Adults And Kids

Is The Piggy Bank Worth It?

A piggy bank is like a savings buddy to help you organize your loose change and meet your financial goals faster and easier. Sometimes, the simplest way is the fastest way. Watching your piggy bank grow also reminds you of your purpose of saving and the importance of saving.  

What Do You Do When Your Piggy Bank Is Full?

You can withdraw all your money when your money jar is full. How you are going to use the fund depends on your original goals. Think about why you started saving in the first place. Maybe you are saving for your overseas vacation, or perhaps you are building an emergency fund. Whatever your goal is, enjoy the exciting reward.

How Much Money Can You Put In A Piggy Bank?

It depends on the storage capacity and the type of money (coins and bills) you put in a piggy bank. For example, some small piggy banks can hold 100 coins, whereas other giant money banks would house up to 5000 coins. Note that the coin size also matters as larger coins occupy more space.

Can You Put Dollar Bills In A Piggy Bank?

Yes and no. Not all piggy banks are created equal. Some money banks only have one slot for coins. You can choose a piggy bank with a paper money slot if you want to save dollar bills. For example, most electronic piggy banks on this list accept bills, and there is one piggy bank that counts coins and bills (see #2).

Make Saving Fun With An Electronic Piggy Bank

This list of electronic piggy banks from Amazon has shown you money banks in various shapes, forms, and colors. Whether you want to develop the habit of saving or teach your kid to learn the value of saving and earning, an electronic piggy bank will help you achieve your goals faster.

Ron Lewis once said, “It is never too early to encourage long-term savings.”

So, grab the electronic piggy bank you like the most and start your savings plan today. I am sure there is an adorable one that best suits your interests and budget. Want to purchase your favorite money bank with Amazon gift cards? Find out different ways to get FREE Amazon gift cards here.

If you are looking for more cool piggy banks for adults, check out this list that will inspire you to save some serious money. And yes, there are plenty of options for adult coin banks.

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