22 Dinosaur Piggy Bank Ideas That Will Make Saving Fun (For Kids & Adults)

Dinosaur piggy bank ideas that will make saving fun (for kids & adults)
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Dinosaurs! Don’t we all love them?

You know you do.

Dinosaurs have fascinated kids of all ages and primed their imaginations to wonder about big mysteries. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a dinosaur enthusiast in your life or for yourself to get into saving, this list of the best dinosaur piggy bank ideas might be your solution.

Before we dive in, here are more piggy bank gift ideas for kids, teens, and adults. Let’s start saving today and reap the benefits of saving money for our future needs.

The Best Dinosaur Piggy Banks

1. Wooden Dinosaur Piggy Bank

Saving money is great, but watching it add up faster is even better. As the piggy bank fills up with coins from savings or allowance, your kids can watch them add up from the clear, see-through side. This wooden dinosaur piggy bank is a brilliant way to give children their first bank experience. Plus, it will stand elegantly on any desk or dresser.

2. Cute Baby Blue Ceramic Triceratops Dinosaur Piggy Bank

The cute baby blue Triceratops bank is here to help you keep a sharp eye out for your loose change. This gift will earn a smile from everyone who unwraps him on special occasions like Christmas and birthdays. He’ll keep you motivated to save for all of your future purchases with his friendly face.

3. Personalized Dinosaur Piggy Bank With names

If you are looking for a gift for your son or daughter, this little guy might be the perfect solution! You can put your kid’s name on this elegant T-Rex dinosaur bank. There is also a clear front to show off your child’s growing stash.  

4. Orange Red Dinosaur Piggy Bank

Get your kid interested in saving money with this orange-red dinosaur piggy bank! This adorable dino bank with a big belly is ready to eat lots of coins. He is full of personality and sure to inspire a little saver.

5. Cute Green Plastic Dinosaur Coin Bank

This green dinosaur is just what you need to get your kids excited about personal finance. Your little ones will squeal with excitement when they see this savings tool on a shelf, ready to help them save their allowance. It’s a perfect gift for young children fascinated by prehistoric life.

6. Ceramic Dinosaur Piggy Bank

This charming ceramic bank is ready for any special occasion and promises to be a treasured gift for many years to come. The “skin” of the dinosaur is hand-painted with a smooth finish. It will undoubtedly bring a smile to your little one’s face every time they deposit their pennies! Allow your child’s imagination to run wild with this cute dinosaur.

7. Large Porcelain T-Rex Dinosaur Piggy Bank

Imagine the look on his face when it’s time to dole out change. He will take your money with a big smile. Its large body and head have been covered with fine details to ensure it will stand out on your desk. You might end up spending even more time with this must-have collectible dinosaur.

8. Clear Dinosaur Piggy Bank

The clear sides allow you to see every coin you save in this dinosaur piggy bank, so there is no more looking around for hidden loose change. Children will also be enthralled as their savings grow by the day.

9. Plastic Baby Dinosaur Coin Bank

Meet your baby’s new best buddy. The egg design with lifelike cracks is super cute, and the real treat inside is your little one’s favorite baby Triceratops. Made of quality plastic, it ensures that this dinosaur piggy bank will not break in your hands or under the weight of your little one’s play. This cute guy with all the details is a sweet gift for boys and girls alike. It could also be a great surprise for a new mom!

10. Pink Dinosaur Piggy Bank For Girls

Little ones can save their pennies in this sweet pink dinosaur piggy bank. Brimming with just the right amount of personality and imagination, it’ll make saving fun. And best of all, it’s shatterproof!

11. Toy Story Rex Dinosaur Piggy Bank

This large-sized Rex from Toy Story stands guard over your money so you can save up for a dinosaur-sized treat. Just pop your coins and bills inside his mouth, then whoosh, they disappear. Don’t worry. Your treasure is safe in his big belly.

12. Large Ceramic Dinosaur Piggy Bank

The best way to teach kids about saving money is to give them something they’ll love—like this green dinosaur piggy bank that doubles as an attractive decor piece. He has a big appetite for coins. Drop one coin at a time and start saving today!

13. Electronic Dinosaur Piggy Bank For Kids

When dinosaur meets technology, the fun begins. This ATM-shaped money box with dinosaur images allows your child to experience real-life banking. With its password, fingerprint, auto bill feeder, and lights, this fun piggy bank will certainly entertain young minds and make saving more exciting.

Find more electronic piggy bank ideas with high-tech designs here.

14. Godzilla Dinosaur Piggy Bank That Makes Noise

This is not just a simple money box. It is a stealing coin bank! When you put the coin on the surface, the dinosaur’s head will pop up and grab it. Your kid will turn into a little money genius overnight with this fun, musical coin bank.

15. Yellow Plastic Dinosaur Piggy Bank

This adorable, functional dinosaur piggy bank is great for encouraging kids to save money. Let your kid feed him and watch him grow. With a coin slot in its mouth and a cheerful expression, this friendly fellow will also be an added bright spot in your child’s room.

16. Dark Green Dinosaur Piggy Bank

This dark green dinosaur with a long neck is made of resin and has a removable plastic lid at the bottom, so your savings don’t go extinct. Plus, this little guy will spread joy every time he’s opened. It’s a great pick for a rainy day fund.

17. Godzilla Coin Bank For Kids And Adults 

With this Godzilla coin bank, you can save your money and keep your city safe at the same time. The quality material makes it strong enough to hold your savings, but it won’t weigh down your shelf. This piggy bank will be a perfectly monstrous addition to your collection.

18. Creative Dinosaur Astronaut Piggy Bank

This detailed dinosaur astronaut piggy bank was born to bring joy and fortune to your life. Take home a prehistoric creature that has landed on Earth for money-saving purposes. Fill him up with coins and watch him grow. You can grab your savings pal here on Amazon.

19. DIY Dinosaur Piggy Bank

This money bank is a clever mix of fun and function. Young children will love spending fun hours painting their first dinosaur piggy bank. When night falls, watch their dinosaur bank glow madly in the dark.

20. Fun Dinosaur Money Box

Encourage your children to save money and establish savings habits at an early age with this charming money bank. With a cute dinosaur theme and interactive play, kids can store their money in a secure style. Plus, it can also serve as a colorful bedside LED night light.

21. Baby Dinosaur Piggy Bank For Kids ( A set of 4)

Get four different cute baby dinosaurs all in one set! Your child’s eyes will light up with joy when they say hello to baby Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Stegosaurus. Whether you give this set as a gift or keep it for yourself, these banks will be a hit!

22. Vintage Dinosaur Piggy Bank

Made from strong, solid metal with a detailed dinosaur design, this retro piggy bank will bring some style to your home and last through many years of use. Most importantly, this creature will keep your spare change safe and help you reach your financial goals faster.

The Best Dinosaur Piggy Banks

With so many different dinosaur coin banks on the market, we hope this list will help you find your favorite dinosaur piggy bank and be well on your way to saving money for a rainy day or something special! No matter which one you choose for yourself, the important thing is that you start taking your savings seriously.

And if you are buying for your family or friends, we are sure that kids and adults alike will be proud to keep their hard-earned money in one of these adorable dino banks.

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