Top 13 Best And Unique Unicorn Gifts For Adults That Are Magical

Best unicorn gifts for adults
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If you’re looking for the best unicorn gifts for adults, you’ve come to the right place. The following list will make your hunt for the perfect gift easier. Whether that’s a unicorn gift for Christmas or just something fun, it’s a great way to add some magic to your life.

Unicorns are magical creatures that have been a part of mythology for centuries. They’re also the subject of modern-day fascination and obsession. And it makes sense why! Their magic powers allow them to fly through the sky with rainbows trailing behind them and their mystical horns give them healing abilities when they touch someone with it.

From unicorn-themed bath bombs to a chic ring holder and wine glasses, this gift guide will make their birthday, graduation, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even anniversary extra special. And if you’re on a budget, we also included budget-friendly gifts under $10.

The Best Unique Unicorn Gifts For Adults

We’ve compiled a list of unique unicorn gifts, ranging from fun and creative to elegant and sophisticated. Not only do the adult unicorn things celebrate these majestic creatures, but they also bring out their very essence in every gift. The unicorn lover in your life will be overjoyed when receiving one of these items as a present.

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Now go ahead, spread joy, love, and magic.

1. Enchanted Unicorn Tumbler For Women

Practical and adorable, this unicorn travel coffee tumbler is the perfect gift for a unicorn aficionado.

They will love taking their morning coffee or tea to work, knowing that they are helping save the environment by using a reusable tumbler instead of disposable cups. It also comes packaged with two eco-friendly metal straws, making sipping their coffee a breeze.

This double-walled stainless steel design keeps drinks hot or cold for hours and features a spill-proof lid. So there’s no risk of spilling any precious unicorn magic on their next adventure. It fits in car cup holders and bags, which is the perfect accessory for commuting on public transportation or driving their own vehicle from place to place.

The unicorn design is an affordable gift that will delight anyone who receives it—even if they don’t love unicorns as much as we do!

2. Unicorn Ring Holder

Looking for a unicorn gift for your grown-up friend? Maybe you have a bachelorette party coming up and are looking for clever bridesmaid gifts for the bride-to-be. This magical ring holder is sure to make any woman smile.

The cute unicorn with a golden spiral horn at the center can help keep the recipient’s treasures tidied on any dresser or bedside table (and stop them from getting lost or scratched) when they’re not wearing them. This piece also adds a bit of sparkle to their room.

Your BFF, who loves unicorns, will appreciate this thoughtful gift when she gets this cute unicorn ring holder. She will have fun putting her rings, earrings, or necklaces on display. You can also consider getting one for yourself too as a little treat!

3. Papyrus Unicorn Cards For Any Occasion

Looking for a present that’s the perfect amount of artsy, cute, and mystical? Then the unicorn-themed card set is just what you need. Whether it’s for a friend’s birthday or to show your mother you care, this 12-count boxed set is sure to do the trick.

The fancy cards feature an elegant unicorn design on the front. And the inside is left blank for you to add your own personal message—great for every occasion and celebration, from birthdays to holidays, and they can even be used as thank-you notes or graduation announcements.

Because they come with light purple envelopes and golden seals, they’re ready to be given as soon as they arrive at your home.

4. Unique Unicorn Piggy Bank

Wondering what to get for someone who likes unicorns? You simply can’t go wrong with a timeless ceramic bank for your unicorn lover.

A beautifully curved body with a head facing backward gives this decoration an elegant and girly feel that would be right in any lady’s bedroom. The eyelashes are charming: long and sweeping with just the right amount of curl to bring out their inner mermaid.

Even if your friend doesn’t want to put coins in it anymore, they can always use it purely as decoration for their home or office!

We have made another list of the best unicorn piggy banks for adults and teenage girls at an affordable price if you’re looking for more unicorn piggy bank ideas. You can choose your favorite bank based on your preferences. Or, if you just want adult piggy banks in general, check out this carefully selected list from

5. Unicorn Coffee Mug

If someone you know is a big unicorn fan, why not surprise them with this unicorn coffee mug? It’s a unique mug that will let your unicorn lover express their love of unicorns and caffeine. This adorable ceramic piece will appeal to the recipient’s sense of whimsy and may even provide them with an outlet through which their more childlike side can shine.

From its charmingly naive design to its charmingly naive color scheme, this mug is as cute and playful as your friend or loved one. Look at its smiley face, golden horn, shy blushing cheeks, and rainbow-colored handle; it’s sure to please any self-respecting unicorn lover. You’ll love seeing their happy face when they unwrap this cute unicorn item.

It also comes with a matching mug coaster, saying, “Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn.” You will also find more brightly-colored illustrations on the coaster, adding an extra inspirational touch.

The unicorn-themed mug can also be used to store pencils or other office supplies at their desk, and this magical creature will keep everything neatly organized while still adding some fun to their workspace!

6. Hello Kitty Unicorn Lip Balm

While the packaging is cute enough—Hello Kitty with a unicorn horn, the balm itself is really what seals the deal here. This lip balm from The Crème Shop is infused with moisturizing and soothing ingredients to keep your lips stay hydrated and soft without feeling heavy.

In addition to its practical use, this lip balm comes in an adorable macaron case that makes it the perfect accessory. It can easily be tucked away into a pocket or purse to take on the go, so the recipient doesn’t have to worry about chapped lips while traveling! Plus, the affordable price is perfect for a stocking stuffer or small birthday present.

Treat your unicorn-loving friends or yourself with this fun little piece of cuteness. This product is a limited edition, so act fast before they go away forever!

If you are also a huge fan of Hello Kitty, you will like this list of Hello Kitty piggy banks.

7. Unicorn Bath Bomb Set For Women

There’s no doubt that the bath bombs are a big hit with kids, but there’s no reason adults can’t get in on the action too. After all, who doesn’t like to take some time away from their busy lives and simply relax?

These 100% natural bath bombs are loaded with skin-nourishing ingredients and a calming fragrance. Each fizzy comes with some added sparkles to make your experience feel extra magical! As an extra bonus, they even come with the cutest unicorn scrubby for you to exfoliate your skin and a unicorn sleep mask for you to have the sweetest dreams imaginable.

After a long workday, this charming unicorn bath set makes an excellent gift for your friends and yourself. A sweet gift idea would be giving someone this colorful set along with their favorite wine so they can have an at-home spa night full of self-care goodness! This would make any woman feel special on her birthday or even Valentine’s Day if they don’t want anything too serious yet still want something thoughtful from you that shows you care about what makes her feel good inside out.

You might also be interested in other fun bath bombs with real cash inside. Surprise your friends with delight.

8. Unicorn Stemless Wine Glass For Women And Men

Sweet and gorgeous, this unique unicorn wine glass is the perfect gift for a unicorn enthusiast and the wine-drinking friend on your list. Or perhaps you can fill it up with some chardonnay, merlot, or even beer to enjoy on a summer day.

We believe a glass should be fun to drink out of because life is too complicated. And it’s time to be a unicorn and lift up your spirits when things get rough. The laser engraving makes it a meaningful present that gives a little extra sparkle to a room! It looks more exceptional when added to a collection of other drinking glasses, decorations, and tabletop accessories.

Still looking for one of the best unicorn gifts for a birthday party, bridal shower, or housewarming party? Take this funny and festive wine glass with you. You can even order it right now from Amazon at an affordable price.

9. Unicorn Coloring Book For Adults

Color an intricate unicorn design and feel your stress melt away. It can be an excellent way to relax after a hard day or week. The repetitive motion of putting pencil to paper combined with the need to focus on what you’re doing can help banish stress at work or school. Plus, it’s just plain fun!

The book contains a wide variety of beautiful and high-resolution unicorn designs, so your recipient can spend hours coloring. They will savor every moment as these mythical creatures come to life in their very own hands. And as an added bonus, it comes in paperback and hardcover, and both versions are wallet-friendly.

For these reasons, this book makes a fantastic gift for anyone who could use some de-stressing time in their lives, especially if they happen to be a unicorn fan!

10. Inspiring Unicorn Wooden Puzzle

Do you have a unicorn-obsessed friend or family member who deserves something both thoughtful and fun?

With this inspiring unicorn-shaped puzzle, unicorn lovers and puzzle fans can spend hours of fun piecing together the majestic creature. Puzzles are a fantastic way to relax and de-stress after a long day at work. It’s an activity that can focus your mind and get it away from the often overwhelming anxieties that life brings.

With its unique shape and high-quality material, this is not just a puzzle; it’s a piece of art. The wooden pieces create an aesthetically pleasing look that perfectly captures the beauty of unicorns. Once complete, they can hang up their masterpiece on the wall to add some charm to their home decor.

This unique and creative puzzle from Amazon will last for years to come, so if you know someone who loves both unicorns and puzzles, this is the perfect gift for them!

11. PyroPet Einar Unicorn Skeleton Candle

Yes, it’s a candle! But not just any candle—this is the purr-fectly adorable Einar unicorn candle, crafted from the carefully selected highest quality materials. It makes a unique present for the person in your life who hasn’t gotten enough unicorns yet.

The outer layer of this candle is shaped like a unicorn. When lit, the giftee will find themselves in an “alicorn”-tastic adventure as the candle melts away to reveal a brightly glowing metallic unicorn skeleton underneath. A mythical creature is born from its flame. It’s an interesting design that makes the candle more than just a simple source of light.

As a higher-end unicorn gift on this list, the Einar unicorn skeleton candle comes in an elegant gift box and is ready to gift at any time, making it one of the coolest unicorn gifts for adults. And you can give it to your friend or family for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, etc.

12. Unusual Unicorn Wine Holder 

If you’re looking for a unicorn present that’s just as quirky and fun as it is practical, you’ll love this unique and whimsical wine holder. This adorable piece is made of polyresin and looks like a playful unicorn holding an open bottle of wine in its mouth.

This noble unicorn wine holder from is designed with his head pointed up and his lovely horn reaching for the sky. Sturdy, well-balanced, and beautiful, this unicorn statue will hold your favorite Pinot Noir or Merlot securely so that you can enjoy it in a spot of honor. Its unique and funny unicorn design also makes a great conversation piece while having a glass of wine after work!

For unicorn enthusiasts, wine lovers, and anyone who has a sense of humor and needs something eye-catching to hold their wine, this is definitely one of the best unicorn gifts for adults.

13. Cute Pink Unicorn Sherpa Throw Blanket

You know what’s awesome? The feeling of waking up on Christmas morning to a pile of new presents under the tree, the soft glow of the lights reflected in your face, the smell of fresh pine needles and chocolate chip cookies. You know what else is awesome? This adorable unicorn blanket. It’s made of 100% polyester, lightweight, but still really warm and comfy.

Level up your gifting game with something as cozy as this pink unicorn throw blanket. It’ll be one of the best Christmas unicorn gifts for adults (your princess, daughter, or granddaughter). The size of this blanket is 50″x60″—large enough to keep the recipient warm during the cold winter season or as a cover in colder climates.

The super-soft ultra-plush touch is ideal for cuddling up during movie marathons or taking a much-needed nap. It’s also great for use in a college dorm, family home, or office. Easily pair it with another unicorn-themed decor to create a colorful look, or spruce up your space by using other pink hues for accenting.

Best Unicorn Gifts For Adults And All Unicorn Lovers: Final Thoughts

Whether you’re buying for a specific friend or family member or a unicorn lover in general, we hope this list of unicorn gifts for adults will make your shopping easier and more fulfilling.

We have tried to include a variety of gift ideas that would appeal to people of all tastes, from a unicorn coffee mug to a throw blanket. Take your time browsing and see what adult unicorn stuff or items catch your eye.

Whatever you choose, we guarantee that the special person in your life will be delighted with one of these adult unicorn gifts. And the best part is they don’t have to break the bank!

Until next time, take care of all things magical, and remember, unicorns are awesome!

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