Top 12 Best Money-Making Apps That Pay Real Cash Fast 2023

Best money-making apps
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Did you know how much time the average American spends on their phone? 

You will be surprised. 

According to a recent survey, nearly half of the respondents reported that they spent five to six hours on their smartphone on a daily basis. And this didn’t include work-related time (Statista).

If people can use the amount of time (or even half of the time) on money-making apps, they should be able to increase their current income instantly.

Apps are not just for entertainment, information, education, and communication. They can also be your moneymaking machine.

Who doesn’t like making extra hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars with a smartphone per month?

In this post, you will find the best money-making apps that are legit and free to download with good ratings and reviews from real users.

Plus, these cash-making apps are ALL available on iPhone and Android.

Whether it’s taking simple tasks, starting side hustles, or finding ways to invest, there is a mobile app for you to earn real money fast.

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Best money-making apps that actually work
Top Money-making Apps That Actually Work

Best Money-Making Apps That Actually Work In 2022

If you wonder, “What is the best money-making app?” this handpicked list of top cash-making apps will show you the easiest ways to earn extra with a smartphone!

You can try the FREE apps that suit your preference and start earning today.

1. Survey Junkie

Best Money-Making App For Surveys—Earn Up To $50 Per Survey

Survey Junkie is the highest-rated survey site on Trustpilot (4.4/5). It’s also one of the best paying apps. 

You can earn real money via PayPal or FREE gift cards by taking simple surveys with this app in your downtime. 

For example, when you are waiting for your friend in a coffee shop or standing in line for tickets, it doesn’t hurt to open the app on your smartphone and put some extra bucks into your wallet. 

How Does #1 Paid Survey App Work?

The signup process is simple. You will build your profile by answering questions in order to receive matching surveys and start earning.

Short surveys only take a few minutes to finish. Completed surveys usually pay between $0.20 – $3.00, but some can go up to $50.

When you complete a survey, you will earn a certain number of virtual points, which can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards from top retailers (like Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks).

One hundred points will earn you $1. The minimum payout threshold used to be $10, but now it is $5 (500 points), making it faster and easier to cash out.

Did I mention it’s 100% free to join? You can sign up for Survey Junkie here for FREE within a few seconds and start earning an extra $50 or more a month. Don’t forget some surveys pay up to $50. 

2. Swagbucks (Earn A $5 Signup Bonus)

Best Money-Making App For Easy And Fun Tasks—Earn $1,825 Or More A Year

Swagbucks is a legitimate money-making app that pays you real cash. 

You can make money fast by doing simple tasks on the site whenever you are free. 

Some easy ways to make extra cash include:

  • Watching entertaining videos
  • Playing fun games
  • Answering short surveys
  • Searching the web as usual
  • Reading emails (just open & click)
  • Testing new products

If you have already done some of these tasks, why not turn these activities into money-making opportunities using Swagbucks

According to Swagbucks, users should be able to earn $1 to $5 a day on average. That is $365 to $1,825 a year

If you do it consistently, small cash builds up quickly. 

Diamond level members (the highest level of member status recognition on Swagbucks) have earned over $20,000.

This real money-making app could help you when you struggle to make ends meet or just need some extra cash. 

How Does Swagbucks Work?

You can choose the activities that you have already been doing. But this time, you will get paid for doing the stuff you like.

Like other cash-back and rewards apps, it has a points-based system. Your earned Swagbucks points (also called SB) can be redeemed for PayPal cash or FREE gift cards (your choice).

What is the payout threshold?

🎉 Good News: There is no minimum withdrawal amount, allowing fast and easy payment.

Note that 100 SB is worth $1. For example, you could redeem a gift card for as few as 300 SB ($3.00).  

Creating your FREE Swagbucks account takes less than 60 seconds, and you can put cash back in your wallet today.

Plus, you can receive a $10 bonus when you sign up here. Don’t forget to verify the email from Swagbucks to claim your bonus. 

3. MyPoints 

MyPoints and Swagbucks are owned by the same company, Prodege LLC. And they are both legitimate.

MyPoints has been rewarding its members ($236 million in gift cards and PayPal cash) since 1996. 

This well-established app can help you earn money and save money. 

Like Swagbucks, you can earn points for each completed task (such as playing games, watching videos, or taking surveys). 

MyPoints is also a real cash app that pays you to shop. You can easily reduce your spending (earn up to 40% cash back on purchases) when shopping at top retailers like Walmart, Amazon, or eBay. 

🌟 You can sign up for MyPoints here for FREE and earn a $5 bonus when completing five surveys. 

You can also earn a $10 Amazon card with your first purchase.

💰 Start Earning Today! 💰

Popular Side Hustle Apps That Actually Work

4. DoorDash 

DoorDash is a food delivery app.

As a “dasher,” you can earn extra money (nationally earn $25 per hour) by delivering food with the DoorDash app. 

This money-making app gives you the flexibility and freedom to choose where and when you work.

If you have a smartphone and a mode of transportation (a car, bike, scooter, or motorcycle), you can start to earn. Some regions even allow you to deliver food on foot.

How Does The DoorDash App Work?

How you make money with this app is simple.

You pick up the food from the restaurant when you receive an order, deliver it to the customer, and notify DoorDash. 

DoorDash is one of the apps that pays real money fast. You will get paid weekly with a direct deposit to your bank account. You can also request Fast Pay or instant deposits if you need money fast. Note that transfer fees might apply.

💰 Bonus: No prior experience is needed to be a dasher. And you CAN keep 100% of the tips

You can sign up for DoorDash here for FREE and start making money every single week

5. TaskRabbit

Do you want to find local jobs that suit your skills and timetable? Try TaskRabbit.

This money-making app aims to help your busy neighbors with various tasks. You can find 50+ categories (such as cleaning, moving, and painting) on the app. 

Whether you want to help with furniture removal or provide closet organizing services, you can set your own schedule as a tasker. 

Depending on your area and chosen category, the hourly pay varies.

The best part is that you can keep 100% of your service fee plus tips

Bonus: Not all services need specific skills or experiences (such as errands or delivery). 

That said, if some categories request previous experience (such as IKEA Assembly), you can always learn the skill.

If you are actively using this real money-making app, you can expect to earn a good chunk of money and save more for your financial goals (like building an emergency fund or getting out of debt).

Learn more about TaskRabbit here

6. Fiverr

Fiverr (a popular freelancing marketplace) is one of the best money-making apps that works worldwide.

The earning potential on Fiverr is unlimited. You can earn as a seller and a Fiverr affiliate.

The platform has more than 500 service categories across nine broad verticals. And the number keeps increasing.

How Does Fiverr Work?

Here is how the easy money-making app works.

You can sign up for a free seller account and create at least one “gig” (service) to start selling. 

Once your gigs are active on Fiverr, buyers can reach you and place orders. You don’t need to approach buyers as they will contact you. There is also a feature (Buyer Requests) for you to contact potential buyers.

There are three payment methods. 

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • Fiverr Revenue Card 

Your funds will be available within 14 days when orders are marked as completed.

Check out this detailed tutorial to increase your earnings if you want to make money with the Fiverr app. 

7. Upwork 

Similar to Fiverr, Upwork is another popular freelancing platform. It’s also one of the best money-making apps that works worldwide.

Whether you want to monetize your expertise on the side or become a full-time freelancer, this work marketplace has got you covered. 

They offer a wide range of job categories, a simple interface, and unlimited earning opportunities.

Upwork does the heavy lifting to connect you with potential clients and ensure you get paid. 

You can quickly build a profile and start selling for FREE. There are quick jobs and long-term work.

How Does Upwork Work?

You can start approaching potential clients using Connects (a virtual currency on Upwork) after creating your profile (e.g., your skillset and hourly rate).  

As a first-time freelancer, you will receive 40 Connects. And if you pass the Upwork Readiness Test right away, you can get another 40 Connects. That is 80 FREE Connects for a new freelancer.

Plus, freelancers will receive a certain number of Connects for free each month. When you get an interview after submitting a proposal, you can also earn a bonus of 10 Connects. 

So, how can you get jobs on Upwork?

There are three main ways to get jobs.

  1. Create your projects and get clients to contact you.
  2. Check job feeds and send proposals.
  3. Get invites from clients.

Their payment methods include direct to U.S. bank (ACH), direct to local bank, wire transfer, Instant Pay for U.S. freelancers, M-Pesa, PayPal, and Payoneer.

Your fund will be released after 14 days upon completion if your client doesn’t request changes. 

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8. Decluttr

Do you have unwanted tech items (such as phones, tablets, and laptops) lying around in the house? 

Sell them with the Decluttr app and receive fast payment. Decluttr is one of the mobile apps that pay real cash fast in this list.

Apart from tech items, you can also sell CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, books, games, and more on the Decluttr app. 

For example, if you have old school books and textbooks collecting dust on your shelf, you can sell them for fast cash.

It’s also a perfect way to clear out stuff at home and get organized for good.

As the app says, make room, make money.

How Does Decluttr Work?

Once you download the app, scan the item or enter the barcode of the item to get a FREE instant valuation.

Then pack your item and send it for FREE if you accept the offer. 

There is no need to meet up with strangers. You will get paid the day after your item arrives. It’s as simple as that. 

Reduce Your Bills With These Apps

The following two apps can help lower your bills and save you money from what you have been paying.

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” — Benjamin Franklin

9. Truebill 

Do you have unwanted or unused subscriptions that you forget to cancel?

Truebill can spot your unwanted subscriptions and lower your bills instantly. 

It can also help you get the best rates on your existing bills, understand your credit score, get instant cash for an emergency, and more. 

With the help of Truebill, you can save more, spend less and achieve your financial goals faster.  

10. Trim

Trim is like a free personal assistant for your finance.

If you don’t enjoy negotiating your monthly bills (like cable, phone, subscriptions, internet, bank fees, and medical bills) or simply don’t have time for this, Trim can help you out.

This smart robot does all the hard work for you (e.g., lower your bills, cancel unwanted subscriptions, or get refunds on unfair bank fees).

You can save money without doing actual work.

Is Trim secure?

Trim takes security seriously. It uses 256-bit SSL encryption (like most major banks do) and two-factor authentication to keep your data safe. So rest assured.

You can sign up for Trim here for FREE within 2 minutes and save an average of $620.

11. Drop

You will love the Drop app if you like to earn FREE and EASY money. 

This money-making app is completely free to download and use! 

It allows you to earn cash rewards effortlessly for every purchase you make at your favorite places on a daily basis. 

Whether it’s your morning coffee or food delivery, you can easily collect points and redeem gift cards from popular retailers (like Amazon, Starbucks, and Netflix).

How Does The Drop App Work?

Unlike other rewards programs, this app does not need you to scan and submit receipts to earn points.

After installing, you can link your debit card or credit card to the app and earn points for shopping as you usually do. 

Note: Although there is no limit on how many cards you can link to, it’s best to link the cards you often use.

You can sign up for Drop here for FREE.

Make Money With This Passive Income App

12. Acorns (Earn A Welcome $5 Bonus)

If you want to save more and invest with ease, Acorns can make these happen.

When you link your bank account to this money-making app, you can start saving and investing with spare change right away without having to think about it.

Acorns will automatically invest your spare change while you make your daily purchases as usual.

For example, when you purchase a coffee for $3.40, the app will round up to the nearest dollar and invest the 0.60 cents into the market.

Remember, small cents can add up over time.

Investing can be complicated, but the micro-investing feature can help you invest without stress and guessing.

Maximize your growth quickly by starting early.

👉 You can sign up for Acorns here in under 3 minutes and earn a $5 bonus.

What Is A Money-Making App?

A money-making app is an application that allows you to make money after downloading it on your device (e.g., phone, tablet, and laptop). 

There are many different ways to put money into your pocket with money-making apps.

For example, some best apps (like Swagbucks) pay you real cash or gift cards to answer surveys or watch videos. 

Note that NOT all money-making apps are free to download. Some legit paying apps might request a one-time registration fee, while others might charge a monthly fee. Make sure you read the fine print before signing up, so you won’t be surprised by additional costs. 

Bonus: The mobile apps that pay real money fast in this list are 100% FREE to download on iOS and Android.

Do Money-Making Apps Really Work?

Making money with mobile apps really works. And legit online money-earning mobile apps will pay you real money.

However, if you wonder, “Is the cash app legit?” make sure you check the reviews, ratings, and company history before signing up. Don’t forget to take the total number of reviews into account and check what people like and don’t like about the app.

Only go for the money apps that actually work.

Note that most money-making apps can give you a slight boost to your income, but they won’t afford you to quit your day job.

In other words, you won’t get rich by completing simple tasks with some of the fast money-making apps, but you will get paid.

That said, some other apps can help you make a decent amount of cash in your free time. For example, if you work on long-term projects as a freelancer on Fiverr and have repeat customers, you can expect to make a sustainable income.

Good paying apps can also help you save more as you are less likely to spend when you are busy with money-making apps.

How To Make Money With Apps that Pay

Here are a few tips to help you maximize your earning potential with real money-making apps.  

1. Make sure you install the apps properly on your device. 

2. Join the referral programs (if available) and share your referral links to earn more.

3. Complete each task as instructed to earn rewards. 

4. Ensure you have a PayPal account or other appropriate accounts to receive payments from cash-making apps.

5. Follow the policies and procedures of the apps.

6. Feel free to start installing apps with a signup bonus in 2022.

For example, Swagbucks awards you $5 when signing up. MyPoints offers you $5 after completing 5 surveys and a $10 Amazon card with your first purchase. Acorns gives their first-time users a welcome $5 bonus. Don’t miss out on the FREE money!

Top Mobile Apps that Pay Real Money

Earning extra cash with your smartphone can give you more breathing room for your budget and help improve your financial situation in the long term.

These best-paying apps are also good ways to supplement your regular income, especially when you need cash fast.

Feel free to choose the apps that suit your interest and financial goals, so you can get paid for doing what you already enjoy in your spare time.

If you sign up for some of the money-making apps mentioned in this post today, you can start earning in no time. And if you use them consistently, you should grow your bank account effortlessly.

Are you ready to give your income a boost with your smartphone? What money-making apps have you tried out to add extra cushion to your wallet? Let me know in the comments.

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What is the best money making app? Check out these apps that pay real money fast.
Mobile Apps That Pay Real Money

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