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Have you thought about doing something that genuinely makes you happy when you wake up every morning? 

If YOUR answer is POSITIVE, welcome to my online space, where I share ideas, tips, tricks, and resources for blogging, making money, and living a financially balanced lifestyle.

My name is Nicole. I enjoy working on my blog and bringing value to my readers. I have gained tons of hands-on experience after spending endless hours researching and experimenting. Like everyone else, I have also experienced ups and downs in this blogging journey, but there was not any moment that I thought about quitting. 

My goal is to help like-minded people like you learn how to save money, make money, and live afinancially balanced lifestyle.

I am inviting you to take action today and join our community if you want to have a desired lifestyle. No matter who you are or which stage you are at in your life right now, you are not alone, and we can grow together. 

If you are new to this site, you can get started with our homepage, or check out some of our most popular posts:

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If you want to know what tools I use for my blog, feel free to check out my Resources Page.

Happy reading.

If you have any questions or are interested in working with me, feel free to email me at hello@createearnlive.com. 

Thanks for being part of the community. 

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